After Effects Tutorial Super Opening Title

After Effects Tutorial Super Opening Title

SEE MORE AT This Tutorial is now a bit outdated, log on to the page listed above to see the NEW AND IMPROVED SUPER TEXT TUTORIAL… WITH HIGH RESOLUTION IMAGES!!!! In this tutorial we will be taking a look at how to create a title effect similar to what you have seen in many, many, MANY superhero and science fiction movies. Of course, the effect was popularized by a certain SUPER MAN who shall remain nameless. Enjoy!

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23 responses to “After Effects Tutorial Super Opening Title”

  1. taoright says:

    you sound like derek zoolander.

  2. GustaElCokas says:

    Check this one out! watch?v=UqPRQfCrJfI

  3. Masondoch says:

    lol zod…

  4. Masondoch says:

    same as my reply to the other stupid guy I barely do after effects and i knew that

  5. Masondoch says:

    wow ur smart 1.15= 1second + 15 frames which is 1/2 second ur the retard

  6. jovankpatrick11 says:


  7. MOONMAJEED37 says:

  8. Bluenovember2011 says:

    This video was real hard to masturbate to. But I gave it my best shot

  9. Bluenovember2011 says:

    @ toypajns182 stupid douch…….if you dont even know what fps even implies then what the hell are you doing even attempting learning After Effects? Go back to your Mc Donalds drive threw window and count hamburgers you schmuck. This dude is smart and your obviously not

  10. Emergencia1000 says:

    Reminds me Superman

  11. ackerman66 says:


  12. vagittarius says:

    the audio tracking in this video is a bit off and skips a couple of times, which makes it confusing

  13. kittenestkat says:

    9:08 is my fav part !

  14. Ponyship says:

    Holy fuck, ear rape in the end….

  15. Gjeelbro1 says:

    Adobe After Effect CS5.5 Keygen | Keygen | 158 KB

  16. thafoofa says:

    Ha ha, pwned.

  17. HybridGamin says:

    why are my letter so close together done everything you said still look weird

  18. mosis133 says:

    Spent about 4 hours doing this! Good tutorial. I tried it the first time and didn’t like the way it looked so I tired again but when ever I moved the text the second time and set to 2 seconds etc the whole text moves and doesn’t leave a path for it to follow so when I play I just get static text? Help Pleasee

  19. DocTaboc says:

    THANK YOU THANK YOU. I am trying to learn After Effect and had a project I wanted to do. Your tutorial helped me so much. and now I know a thing or 2 about after effect. Kneel Before Zod!

  20. TheTitoBeats says:

    how do you export this so it can be used in a youtube video?

  21. Mrhotkitkat says:

    can i give you a name and do for me one pls ( kit kat )
    if u can do it and send it to me thx bro

  22. MrPchelper112 says:

    what after effects version do u need mine is after effects cs4

  23. 1simonmatthews says:

    Can you help me? Had some trouble getting this to work on mine. I have AE 5.5. On this version I can find no Text tool, so I just imported text from Photoshop. I followed your instructions to the point before you add the time effect. It worked fine up to this point. On AE 5.5 there is no “blend” option on the echo operator. I tried a couple of the other options but it didn’t have the right effect. What should I do? Good video by the way 🙂

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