CSS Tutorial Pt 1 – Basic Layout

CSS Tutorial Pt 1 - Basic Layout

Free CSS Tutorial for 3 column layout. Download template www.2createawebsite.com Visit my site www.2CreateAWebSite.com Visit my blog http
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11 responses to “CSS Tutorial Pt 1 – Basic Layout”

  1. RahkmanX says:

    Thank you for the tutorial Lisa!!

  2. blahblahdfd says:

    To be honest, I’ve checked out quite a few html and programming books & some aren’t bad but I find Lisa’s simple way of laying things out for you to be ideal for me. I feel like 95% of the books & manuals you would pick up at the bookstore are bloated with unnecessary code and information. All I need is a simple juming off point & for the basics to be laid out for me and then I’m set…. applying it and doing the work is when I can learn the rest. Technical details can be sought out later…

  3. Sellhard247 says:

    Mine isn’t either. I made sure to do everything exactly as she told me to as well.

  4. MrSteven2945 says:

    good job … very through.

  5. WAFFLESxDv says:

    You don’t need to use another file to hold css. In a html docyment, you can use the style tag and place css in this and end the style tag. It’s helpful for people that hate having to go back and fourth to change elements. This method works with Javascript and ofcourse PHP aslong as you use the right tags.

  6. SDeegan1989 says:

    Your viewers will find it much easier to create their webpages if they use notepad++ rather than notepad. Notepad++ give you syntax highlighting for html and css, which makes it much easier to find spelling mistakes and it also has a much nicer interface compared to plain old notepad.

  7. bypals says:

    Great work. 5solutions

  8. HottKitz says:

    I love you Lisa. This has been the most comprehensive css tutorial I’ve seen so far. I’m thinking about taking you out on a date now (I have to watch part 2 first)…. 😉

  9. londontulu says:

    This the best teaching style…

  10. pangit413 says:

    34 persons like using Dreamweaver !!

  11. foiz0004 says:

    good teaching style like css..:P thanks Lissa

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