Dreamweaver Tutorial – Create a basic Webpage Insert Content

Dreamweaver Tutorial – Create a basic Webpage Insert Content

Check this video out at Hi-Res here: www.tutvid.com Learn how to Insert text and images, as well as change page properties and aligning your placed objects into some kind of order. Enjoy!

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11 responses to “Dreamweaver Tutorial – Create a basic Webpage Insert Content”

  1. AllenTsuna says:

    You atleast need to know what the “codes” are for and when to use them the rest shouldn’t be a problem if you use dreamweaver although I do it in a notepad and prefer notepad over anything for websites except for javascript and PHP I guess

  2. benwilliamsm says:

    Brilliant tutorial, thanks a lot 🙂

  3. syrupticious says:

    Hey thanks for the video 🙂 If I use Dreamweaver, does it mean I don’t have to learn html and javascript if I want to build a website?

  4. Prozspect0 says:

    I really need help with my dreamweaver, I am using dreamweaver 8, I center my text in dreamweaver but when I hit f12 to preview it in internet explorer the text previews way away from were I placed it in dreamweaver.

  5. jennjenntheunknown says:

    Thanks soo helpful!!! <3

  6. coastalflourishing says:

    Awesome. Thanks man!!!

  7. ThisWayGaming says:

    Real men hard code HTML than use Dreamweaver 🙂

  8. davidelliott52 says:

    hi seeing as you know what your doing I thought i would ask you if its possible to make a website by making all the pages using visio and then somehow linking them all together to make a website?

  9. Nushima96 says:

    this is cool for people who dont know how to code, however i prefer doing everything from scratch in notepad. i just like it better because i can actually code. i feel its better because i know what im doing already so why use a program to make a website? but again for those who want to make a site and have little knowledge of coding this is really cool.

  10. NomRavr says:

    ” /” is a slash and “” is backslash ,

    if you unsure on the, think about you use slash when you browse the web and backslash when you use for network path

  11. Brozephe says:

    @musiclization Make a new file and code the page then put the 2 (or more) in the same folder and add a link to one or between the 2.

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