Fireworks CS4 CS5 Active Web Site layouts Tutorial – Custom Menus 1 Slice Hotspot

Fireworks CS4 CS5 Active Web Site layouts Tutorial - Custom Menus 1 Slice Hotspot

In this free Adobe Fireworks CS4 tutorial we show you how to create working web site layouts.

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13 responses to “Fireworks CS4 CS5 Active Web Site layouts Tutorial – Custom Menus 1 Slice Hotspot”

  1. CJTeague says:

    VERY COOL!!! Thanks for sharing! I would really love to know how to create a drop down menus using fireworks 

  2. owali2000 says:

    Thanks for the Info, Very well explained really appreciate it..

  3. base0902 says:

    and one more thing. the menu bar 4 on my fireworks cs4 is gif document.

  4. base0902 says:

    i dont know why, but the roll over effect doesn’t work with me. i followed your tut step by step and nothing happens. is it because the publish on my fireworks cs4 doesn’t work? i configured the primary browser to google chrome and secondary on firefox. f12 doesnt work so i manually save it as a png file and open it on google chrome. am i doing something wrong?

  5. Solomon Njoku says:

    Nice vid, thanks a lot

  6. TheBdemba16 says:

    hey ……great video —– DO LIKE A SHIT LOAD OF ThEM. Maybe I’ll actually learn how to use it

  7. rudy386 says:

    excellnt tut – going to give it a try myself right now- i must say all this flashy web developent is exciting- thanx alot
    p.s. did you ever get that dropdown menu ?

  8. bulldogg33189 says:

    Can you only export this menu to dreamweaver or would I be able to link it into my Icontact email template?

  9. aritchat says:

    Hi Adam, nice video…very entertaining and easy to follow…I have subscribed…..

  10. speenah says:

    Thanks for the tutorial, Adam. You really took the teeth out of Fireworks for me. Very simple. I will be subscribing.

    Reasons why I like:
    – showed end product first
    – explained every step in simple terms
    – showed how to export from Fireworks
    – showed how to import into Dreamweaver


  11. twotower61 says:

    I love this tutorial and would love to see more. I was able to follow along using my own copy fireworks. Would love to see how to turn those role-over links into drop-down menus.


  12. gormanmi says:

    Hi, want to see more!!!! 🙂

  13. crissangel018 says:

    how to put them together if you create an individual graphics,buttons,and background?

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