WordPress Tutorial – Getting Started

Wordpress Tutorial - Getting Started

Get started with WordPress Quickly and Easily. It’s a fairly simple application that does a decent job of running a website. jream.com
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12 responses to “WordPress Tutorial – Getting Started”

  1. WSOReview101 says:

    thanks dude! its of great help!

  2. ahsan2k786 says:

    Thank of knowledge given so thank brother

  3. rto2185 says:

    Good Tutorial !
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    Good Tutorial !!
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  5. webdesy says:

    You can actually just go to Plugins -> Install New and enter your plugin name there. It’ll do the same but way easiler.

  6. Abh19021 says:

    Thanks a lot dude.. That Really Helped 🙂

  7. Creepzza says:

    Thanks for the guide! Helped =)

  8. yakimaua says:

    Like it! Good tutorial! You good:)

  9. divineIproject says:

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  10. svengrahn says:

    Wow this is exellent for the beginner check this out:
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  11. soban8sky says:

    man wish u had more about wordpress – there is a quality in your tutorials

  12. AlVesuvius says:

    Very helpful! I’m off to a good start because of this thanks a lot!

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