Dreamweaver CS5 – CSS Tutorial: Layout

Dreamweaver CS5 - CSS Tutorial: Layout

TWITTER: Twitter.com Learn how to create a website layout using CSS and DIV tags.
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21 responses to “Dreamweaver CS5 – CSS Tutorial: Layout”

  1. WatchWire says:

    thanks Imran :)

  2. floppyd0g says:

    Imran – You are a star man. I’ve looks at loads of tutorials, many start off ok then lead you off into confusion. This is so great and has enabled me to do just what I wanted.

  3. princeofperiaByte says:

    the right arrow key

  4. princeofperiaByte says:

    Good tutorial mate, it helped me greatly.

  5. Angelo5010 says:

    What right button are you clicking?

  6. taliko321 says:

    help………. SOS…………..I have a question. when I put the nav div tag. Its always inside the header tag. advise me what to do. please.

  7. wgparkh says:

    Great! Just what I was looking for.

  8. AnnGosha says:

    Great !!!! You describe very good and easy. )) Thank you very much )))))

  9. ajbdtc826 says:

    I wanna say Great Tutorial- very simple and quick. Also, thanks for leaving the part in at the end when the footer color didn’t show up. Most of my problems come from stupid small mistakes like that so you showing how to fix them and what the problem was really does help with getting the concept of how DW works. Awesome job bro!

  10. ImzTech says:

    The key thing to know is that IDs identify a specific element and therefore must be unique on the page — you can only use a specific ID once per document. Many browsers do not enforce this rule but it is a basic rule of HTML/XHTML and should be observed. Classes mark elements as members of a group and can be used multiple times, so if you want to define a style which will be applied to multiple elements you should use a class instead

  11. TannertheJ says:

    Is there any benefit to putting the name of the div as a Class rather then a ID? I’ve always done it as an ID, I’d like to hear your feedback on it though.

  12. WhiteRaven01 says:

    These are the best beginner tuts for css Ive yet found! I actually understand it and its a great start considering I don’t know squat about css. TY

  13. nayab99 says:

    i think this is the best tutorial…Great Job..IMRAN…

  14. syed20205 says:

    Do you have a tutorial for this? If yes, let me know ya..

  15. steakmonster says:

    Great – this is the first tutorial I actually could follow.

    How do I make the page central in the browser now?

    Thanks for this.

  16. MrSuperjovan says:

    very nice video…. all the best!!! 😉 🙂

  17. wlan2004 says:

    thanks alot.. that was realy usefull

  18. ImzTech says:

    Set the CSS for the width as a percentage e.g. width: 80%. This way if the webpage window is resized or viewed on different sized screens the width will adjust accordingly. Hope that helps!

  19. djzilchdotcom says:

    how do you make sure the layout is compatible between different resolutions? I Tried to do this on my imac which has a 1920 resolution but when i opened it on my laptop (1280) it looks funny, do you have any tutorial on maximizing layout compatibility between resolutions?

  20. LuisxJara says:

    hey, thanks for the tutorial, it helped a lot.

  21. SiverCat1 says:

    Thank you for doing this! This was exactly what I was looking for and very helpful!

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