Excel 2013 Preview Is Out: Smooth and Improved Excel 2013, Office 15 (Excel Magic Trick 949)

Excel 2013 Preview Is Out: Smooth and Improved Excel 2013, Office 15 (Excel Magic Trick 949)

Download workbook: people.highline.edu Excel 2013 (Office 15) Preview of these things: 1. Download Excel 2013: www.microsoft.com 2. Movement of Selected Cells 3. Recalculate 4. Sheet Tab Colors 5. Copy – Dancing Ants 6. Save 7. Alt + Screen Tips 8. PivotTable Field List 9. About 60 New Functions 10. SHEET Function 11. SHEETS Function 12. XOR Function
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21 responses to “Excel 2013 Preview Is Out: Smooth and Improved Excel 2013, Office 15 (Excel Magic Trick 949)”

  1. ExcelIsFun says:

    I will probably not make videos about PowerPivot for Excel 2013 anytime soon. Sorry. Maybe Mr Excel will.

  2. jpeg2RAW says:

    I see MS has STILL not made any real advancement in the tabs. What is needed is a way to group tabs. Yea, I know color is one way, but I want a set of tabs ABOVE the spreadsheet that can used to group the tabs below the spreadsheet.  For anyone that creates a large number of tabs, we need a better way to organize them and no real advancement has been made in them since they first appeared in Quattro Pro.

  3. xmcMaEc says:

    @ExcellsFun Just a request but, could you do a couple of pivot tables with Powerpivot for Excel 2013? it comes already as an add in for this CTP and also one for Powerview 2013. Finally we’re gonna be able to use pictures as slicers in Powerview but I’d like to know if its possible if Powerpivot slicers.


  4. INGJUANM27 says:

    I agree with you

  5. tricqster says:

    I actually find some of these “smooth” effects annoying. And I hope it will be possible to change the white background ribbon/application color. It’s terrible, and hurt my eyes.

  6. ExcelIsFun says:

    You are welcome!!

  7. TheRealTiff says:

    I am trying to make a spreadsheet that can keep track of all my legal files and can be sorted by several dates for each file such as for hearings, mediations and trials. Any ideas?

  8. mail22 says:

    I just upgraded to Office 2007 few months ago :-/

  9. hamy72 says:

    wow! can’t wait to get my hands on this……. I hope my office IT will make a quick transition to this once its officially out. This looks totally awesome… so Mike, what’s it going to be on future episodes for you? 2013 or 2010 still?…. 🙂

  10. TheCric1 says:

    Thanks so much for all these tricks. Very well done, easy to understand even for non english speaking people. I improved myexcel skills so much since I am watching your videos… and my colleagues are so amaized to see all what we can do with excel.

  11. ExcelIsFun says:

    That’s why I post the videos – to help others have fun with Excel!!!

  12. Guedaumjija says:

    Cheers from Rio de Janeiro – Brazil 😉

  13. Guedaumjija says:

    you really helped me last year with array formulas and indexes and vlookups and ORs and many other stuff …

    you saved my academic life for a while =]]

  14. ExcelIsFun says:

    Yes, it does seem so quick as the new ones come out!!!

  15. ExcelIsFun says:

    They all look new to me. Gotta love: BINOM.DIST.RANGE, FORMULATEXT, IFNA, ISFORMULA

    and of course the trigonometry functions!!

  16. ExcelIsFun says:


  17. ExcelIsFun says:

    Thanks. But I am just a guy having fun with Excel!

  18. ExcelIsFun says:

    I am glad that you like it!

  19. ExcelIsFun says:

    It does seem like there are too many Excels coming out all the time…

  20. ExcelIsFun says:

    I did not try any of the UI – I just left mine as “none”. No, the cloud is totally optional!

  21. ExcelIsFun says:

    There will be more videos in the future!

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