Fireworks Tutorial – Glowing translucent orb

Fireworks Tutorial - Glowing translucent orb Fireworks Tutorial – on creating a Glowing translucent 3d orb from WebMojo Web Design from Yorkshire England
Video Tutorial Rating: 4 / 5

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13 responses to “Fireworks Tutorial – Glowing translucent orb”

  1. webmojo says:

    When the video was made it was in fact blue but some how when it was transfered the colors changed

  2. 0042090 says:

    I think all of his blue (cold) colors are edited to orange (warm) colors if you look to his Windows bar and Ps Interface.. i was like Wtf too =p

  3. AlphaFirstPlatoon says:

    at 0:44 did he said blue? Color blind? Not yellow and yellow-orange?

  4. DynasticProductionz says:

    Thank you.

  5. GiveMeUrCookies says:

    i would recommend a mac, but becouse its so expansive i would more rather recommend an upgrade. but IF you never wanna come into any problems you should buy an ugraded/chipped Macbook pro 15″ 2.66 HGz, i use one and i really recommend it, i use it for everything animation,gamming (smooth,no lagg and accurate) and game developement, editing (video animation etc.) and the generally stuff like internet and chatting. I really recommend it.

  6. DynasticProductionz says:

    Yeah, uhm does a Mac work better for this stuff. Video editing, etc?

  7. GiveMeUrCookies says:

    it can be expensive but if you want a good pc and a not lagging or freezing pc you should do it ,IF you have windows vista or 7 based pc you can just check the rating and you fast find out what makes the freezing.
    still it could just be a virus or something, but you find that out.

  8. DynasticProductionz says:

    Yeah i understand 🙂 Thankss

  9. GiveMeUrCookies says:

    probably abit late reply but i guess the main problem on a computer when it frezzes up, a program (fireworks,flash,illustartor,photoshop and so on) ,its either the computer RAM (main problem for lagging devoping/drawing tools,also one off the problem for games), or the main card at the computer. so buy one of those at what the worst one of the options.
    sorry i messed up my answer, try understanding it.

  10. Alz2ny says:

    gr8 tutorial but the words and numbers where a bit blurry but over all great explaining! x)

  11. onnoman says:

    why did you say blue, when i see yellow? :s:s

  12. afixus says:

    Thats genius man!

  13. DynasticProductionz says:

    help sometimes my fireworks freezes up and i cant click anythink exept file etc

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