HTML Tutorial 6: HTML Tables

HTML Tutorial 6: HTML Tables Follow me on Google+ Follow me on Twitter @mlassoff Udemy Course: Tables and the table tag are a great way to display information in columns and rows. While tables appear tricky at first, this tutorial will show you how to easily construct tables that display tabular information on your web page. Appropriate for all regardless of your experience level. Specifically, this video reviews the table tag, the th (table header) and td (table data) tags, the border attribute, the cellspacing and cellpadding attributes as well as colors within your tables. Hosted by Mark Lassoff of www.LearnToProgram.TV, this video is a great guide to producing tables with HTML.
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12 responses to “HTML Tutorial 6: HTML Tables”

  1. learntoprogram1 says:

    nice vid! check out my channel

  2. 999suj says:

    videos are excellent…

  3. ddd1600 says:

    you had me at “…but also used to be used as kind of a hack”

  4. sinduyal says:

    really superb

  5. TomasLerpiniere says:

    Hey I just wanna quickly say this is a really good way of setting out tutorials. Easy to understand, you seem like a genuine nice guy and not some ‘you should know this’ kinda guy, and also the way you go off on small tangents as you type (Like the Brady bunch stuff) really breaks it up nicely, subscribed 😀

  6. iRamble88 says:

    No it didnt. The video, however, did.

  7. JobiStudios says:

    Nice job for the most part with the tutorial but your HTML is sloppy and deprecated. FOR YOUR VIEWERS: 1. Make sure you close ALL your tags, ie. he didn’t close his tr tag or self close the image tag. Writing HTML like this will send your page into quirks mode. 2. Seperate style from structure, all the coloring, etc should be done with CSS. Hope this helps some people.

  8. brilliantfail88 says:

    May i ask you a question… what do the tbody and the tfooter tags do? is this just for edditing in css or is there actualy an other use with those tags??
    Btw. Nice tut man!

  9. Vdtps09 says:

    man. thank you. i have an exam tomorrow and i forgot my lessons. Your better than my teacher. haha. thanks any ways. Keep up the good work.

  10. Matthington10 says:

    Thanks man, i finally understand tables properly

  11. Mtc529 says:

    Great video, thanks man.

  12. RoelGeurtsen says:

    Why did’nt the alt text show, when you hovered over?

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