HTML Tutorial 6 – Putting Your Website Online – Website Design Tutorial

HTML Tutorial 6 - Putting Your Website Online - Website Design Tutorial

In this HTML website design coding tutorial I will teach you how to place your very own webpage/website online totally free. This is using WebNG: Difficulty Level: Medium/Intermediate If you have any problems or need help with any of this tutorial please leave a comment below or message me on YouTube.

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13 responses to “HTML Tutorial 6 – Putting Your Website Online – Website Design Tutorial”

  1. QuinCOBOL says:

    Is there any catch to this website? Do I have to pay sometime later, update time limited, bandwidth limit, data space limit?
    Can I just upload my .html and it will be fine up there no matter what i do?

  2. tmanmodz says:

    thank you very much for this tutorial, I am a web developer and I was looking for a way to put my HTML Documents online, thank you for putting time into creating this video, I liked and subbed.

  3. dandraveguitar says:

    I assume this file manager works as some sort of CMS as well? I basically want to upload news items on a page on my website. It seems like this is doable with web ng?

  4. ZAMAST3R says:

    Unlucky, don’t know what to suggest. Sorry.

  5. CoolstuffStudios11 says:

    i tryed that, it (for me at least) still brings me to the homepage, the same as before

  6. ZAMAST3R says:

    I figured it out. You see where it says ‘Current Url:’ (just above where you create a new directory) click that.

  7. ZAMAST3R says:

    I have the same problem! 

  8. CoolstuffStudios11 says:

    someone help, whenever i go and click on my index.html, it brings me to homepage, even if i try to go to it by web adress, it brings me to someone help please.

  9. playdropfiretopstop says:

    the webi you gave does not work any more it does not show up

  10. mkrony55 says:

    Thanks brother for your tutorial .
    can you give more tutorial in notepad

  11. TutWizKid says:

    same here im screwed 🙁

  12. learntoprogram1 says:

    nice vid! check out my channel

  13. Girisawesome42 says: doesn’t work for my computer
    please help wise man

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