iMovie Tutorial – Introduction and Basics

iMovie Tutorial - Introduction and Basics

Rate! Comment! Subscribe! This will show you all of the basics and fundamentals you will need for making videos in iMovie. If you have any questions just leave them as a comment. This video will show you: How to use iMovie 2011 An introduction to iMovie 2011 How to make a video in iMovie 2011 Tags: iMovie shubimbi shubimbitv Apple Mac getting started tutorial how to basics fundamentals video shubimbi77 “Call of Duty” “Donkey Kong Country” instructions technology guide iphone ipod tips laptops help tricks “software tutorial” IMovie “mobile device” “steve jobs” “IPhone 4” “ipod touch” “Computer software” “Computer Software” Review “Mobile Device” “Software Tutorial” Tip “Modern Warfare 3”
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22 responses to “iMovie Tutorial – Introduction and Basics”

  1. john carter says:

    How much video can imovie 11 hold in before editing. I hope it’s around 4 hours.

  2. odysseusthedream says:

    Great video, there is a lot to learn with the powerful tool that is iMovie!

  3. lilmafiaboy321 says:

    how do u get good gameplay video footage i cant ever record right because there is bad quality?

  4. DateOurModels says:

    You’ll be seeing your helpful video tutorials being inplemented into my videos! Thanks so much!

  5. inoyakamana says:

    THX! this really helped!

  6. shubimbi77 says:

    thanks of 10k views!

  7. shubimbi77 says:

    i believe u just have to double click on the clip u want to mute and drag the volume down to 0%

  8. Aldimil says:

    Thanks for the video. btw, how to mute sound on the video?

  9. shubimbi77 says:

    go to iMovie

  10. samuelws1996 says:

    i already have imovie 2011
    but mine doesn’t have that key button next to the microphone
    can u tell me how to fix it?

  11. Ambienceboy says:

    Thanq! Its so helpful!

  12. luciabarstow says:

    Thanks so much this helped a lot..Thanks Lucia

  13. EMMitAx3 says:

    This wasd really helpful! Did you make part 2 yet??

  14. missrandomness306 says:

    This really, really, really helped!!!!! Thank you sooooo much!!!!!! 🙂

  15. 1982Mgeorge says:

    Very descriptive, many thanks. My first mac, so struggling a little. This helped lots cheers matt (Birmingham England)

  16. shubimbi77 says:

    glad i could help!

  17. pufcoise says:

    Thank you! This helped a lot!

  18. shubimbi77 says:

    thanks man i really appreciate it.
    but my name is Zach

  19. ccdavid1 says:

    Best basic tutorial found so far. The ones at Apple are too short and not as in-depth as this, and many of the tutorials at youtube are amateurish and hard to follow because of poor production and unclear audio (mumblers please stop!!!) I was frustrated because iMovie is more feature-rich than I knew what to do with – if I follow Zeke’s instructions, I can actually get something done.

  20. shubimbi77 says:

    i actually made that intro in Final Cut Express

  21. filou2401 says:

    Wait how do you add your intro to all your normal videos????

  22. shubimbi77 says:

    double click on the clip, then click the audio tab, and then slide the volume to 0%

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