Photoshop tutorial on dispersion effect

Photoshop tutorial on dispersion effect

[ Want to choose what the next tutorial is gonna be about? Visit and leave your comment] This video tutorial shows how the dispersion or fragment effect is achieved in some few and simple steps. For more tutorials, visit Let me point out that is a video for the advanced user of photoshop. If you’re interested in finding the brushes, check out where many can be downloaded for free:
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7 responses to “Photoshop tutorial on dispersion effect”

  1. wafflewolfe says:

    how did you get it so that you painted back the image seems… AWSOME can some please respond soon! thanks!

  2. pafcaf says:

    Brilliantly simple, simply brilliant. As in most great art, the true skill is the idea behind the technique.

  3. jsgarcia75 says:

    Cool effect….but ahhhh….yeah.

  4. Bryan Lemus says:

    how is this a tutorial?

  5. kbhotmomma says:

    can you make it with text steps ?

  6. serpholic says:

    I will try it, It is well explained and useful too.

  7. aliinoa says:

    Nice try sir, at least you did that. Some improvements are needs, you have to provide clear & concise steps to what your doing, picture references while your selecting objects or layers. Keep at it, don’t give up. Certaintly don’t listen to the negative views on here, they obviously needed help.

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