Garry’s Mod 10 – Firework tutorial

Garry's Mod 10 - Firework tutorial

My Gmod 10 firework tutorial, enjoy! And also watch my other videos too. 😀 (Sorry for typos if there’s some).

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12 responses to “Garry’s Mod 10 – Firework tutorial”

  1. Norbert Tóth says:

    what this song oooooooo coooool firework

  2. Sobot Strahinja says:

    You got my Like and Subscribe this i nice man ! 🙂

  3. XLaikoX says:

    Songe name Ravers fantasy i think

  4. gtaroblox101 says:

    do a barrel roll and the nyan barrel exploded p.s this reminds me of the nyan cat

  5. MrTutGame says:

    ore just use ballons on the top. It gonna explode!

  6. MrTutGame says:

    use ballons

  7. redcatthekiller says:

    bit long to reply but it’s Raver’s Fantasy

  8. hodenmeister1990 says:

    Haha Cool 😀

  9. RidleySorrey says:


  10. wazzupguy1000 says:

    its starting to look like a triple rainbow!

  11. BounizeDotCom says:

    Go to my channel for a wire timed firework tutorial in HD

  12. BloodCaramel1 says:

    I make other funny type of fireworks =)

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