Motion 5 Getting Started Tutorial

Motion 5 Getting Started Tutorial

More training: Tutorial for Apple’s brand new Motion 5 software for motion graphics. Training presented by Zach King from http Tutorial Topics: Setting up a project, Importing media, creating shapes and text. More tutorials for Final Cut X coming soon.
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13 responses to “Motion 5 Getting Started Tutorial”

  1. DrJayKation says:


  2. Jdeb9 says:

    Motion usually comes hand-in-hand with Final Cut Pro. I just got the two- they work marvellously.

  3. MrWeedgamer says:

    I actually meant the cluttered desktop, normally Windows Desktop is like that. Now its the mac computer.

  4. superslyguy4201 says:

    except for the fact that he’s using Motion 5……..

  5. naturalgallant says:

    I’m new to editing film – I’ve only used imovie. Is it possible to use motion 5 with imovie, or do I need to get a different editing program? Thanks!

  6. thr3Dee says:

    Hey bro, im a film student from brazil and i think your video tutorials are awsome! i dont have a mac or camera yet,but im gettint it next month, and i hope to enjoy alot of ur tutorials by then. and hopefully buy some of ur tutorials or to make it even cooler, ill askyou what kind of efects or w.e i want to do with my movies and you can make a personalized tutorial for me hows that?

    thanks for sharing your knowlage.

  7. scootergreen3 says:

    Is there a way in FCPX to cut out the background of something you don’t want there like you can do in photoshop. I know about crop and trim, it they don’t cut enough out. Say like if you take a photograph of a person in front of a brick wall and you want the person but want to cut out the brick wall behind them.

  8. dyllustrator says:


  9. TheFoolerID says:

    what are the main features of motion 5?

  10. tazza122 says:

    can u use it for video

  11. amapoorguy says:

    Very user full but the Akita is the best dog in this world 😉

  12. NiboJibble says:

    what is the e-mail?

  13. MrWeedgamer says:

    You dont get it.

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