XHTML and CSS Tutorial – 2 – Creating our First Webpage

XHTML and CSS Tutorial - 2 - Creating our First Webpage

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13 responses to “XHTML and CSS Tutorial – 2 – Creating our First Webpage”

  1. Tutorial4Gaming says:

    click run

  2. Tutorial4Gaming says:

    click run and do your default browser

  3. YouandMeDFTBA says:

    Make sure it’s saved as an HTML file.

  4. The X Stanmarshk says:

    any typos?

  5. mrbiswajitpanda says:

    If you have learned another language or you are felling pretty bored, then just close this window and open the website w3schools. This will help you a lot. The website is of the Worldwide Web Consortium. Enjoy!!!

  6. Dan Johnson says:

    I like Eclipse for HTML coding. It has some auto completion and error identification.

  7. Munkinbabe says:

    He uses notepad ++. I think you can use any text editor that comes with your computer.

  8. assistincecreed says:

    Mine won’t open up as a website file, anyone know what’s wrong?

  9. viruzze89 says:

    this is the title sucker! omg this made my day 😀 thanks for nice tutorial


    In xHTML, nesting should be proper, all tags should be in lower case.

    In HTML, no need of proper nesting, upper case tags are also allowed.

  11. Shishir Maharaj says:

    may i know how to run this using notepad++?

  12. billy stewart says:

    Make sure you close the title tag.

  13. Jacobo Bronshteyn says:

    When I run it the title I set shows up in the body. Why is mine different?

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