XHTML and CSS Tutorial – 20 – Background Images

XHTML and CSS Tutorial - 20 - Background Images

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22 responses to “XHTML and CSS Tutorial – 20 – Background Images”

  1. Lawrence Austria says:

    Bucky your the coolest person I ever know! More power!~

  2. DemolitionTurtle says:

    I think it’s cuz it’s in the style bit of the head.

  3. ZackSkins says:

    body{}? This isn’t Java or C++ or C!

  4. Ratchetpowerprank says:

    i total agree i learned more from Bucky then my school

  5. Fredrik Gunnarsson says:

    Why do we need this “school”-thing. I like Bucky better

  6. ke70hibino says:

    This video taught me that shaking a window closed everything else.

  7. usingThaForce says:

    When he improv.d the brady song witt the actual images, lmbao!

  8. jphilfiker says:

    Bucky likes to spice things up!

  9. iSammeh says:

    thanks ! i needed that.

  10. thesoysauceman says:

    gah i cant seem to get the background image to show up T^T

  11. AC1DlRA1N says:

    when he started singing the brady bunch theme song. I started laughing 😀

  12. benblue3 says:

    If you ever want your image to scale to people’s monitors, put in
    background-size: 100%;
    Make sure the image is bigger than most resolutions so it doesn’t scale up and reduce the quality.

  13. seed419 says:

    I always called .png files “pee en gee” files…not “ping” lol

  14. luanchstone says:

    The world would be a better place with 80 buckies.

  15. marcussampson says:

    I would like to thank you guys for helping me and answering all my questions specially to ChrissyTheJ… best youtube site ever!!! I have another concern about using the image as a link… whenever I put an image to my web and put a link on it I’m seeing this border line wrapped around my image… I don’t want that to show up… so please show me how to remove it… I’ve already used the CSS function and set the image link { text-decoration: none;}…please help! Thanks!

  16. Esqarrouth says:

    there are actually 18 buckies

  17. XGazudin says:

    oh nevermind, it works. i wanted to have no-repeat, repeat-x and repeat-y all 3 at once, but two of them commented out just so i can see it as reference later. but somehow it doesn’t work when the first statement is commented out and the ones below aren’t.

  18. XGazudin says:

    somehow repeat-x doesn’t work, it jsut fills the whole thing with the image again, is it deprecated or something?

  19. hiphoplucas says:

    I have the same question that @nPwing got! It seems that it automatically set the position by the center of the image…and the second value following the background-position attribute doesn’t work!

  20. Kazper31 says:

    Almost half way done and just a few hours in!

  21. nPwning says:

    So with the second value on the background-position, why can’t you use percentages on that?

  22. iPodjbG33K says:

    thumbs up if you counted 5 seconds after 1:00

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