Architecture tutorial on 3ds max materials 8

Architecture tutorial on 3ds max materials 8

Creating V ray materials. The mental Ray version will come soon as I have had no time yet. you can download the model by following this link

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17 responses to “Architecture tutorial on 3ds max materials 8”

  1. vanda477 says:

    Great tutorials ! But from where should I download the folder with the materials?

  2. Harsh Lulla says:

    thanks to you but at first my v-ray was rendering blank images. Now it is working well. I have rendered my images.

  3. 3000frog says:

    Any news on when the Mental Ray version of this video will be available. I have followed this tutorial through 1 to 7.

    Many Thanks

  4. hibernatorking says:

    you have skipped the wall preparation.. may we ask why ???
    it would be better if we could see that all in sequence 🙁

  5. Tarasgtx says:

    How did you made walls invisible from outside the room?

  6. oaco88 says:

    its a great tutorial! but you skipped the how to do the water part ;/

  7. FJoannot says:

    you have to buy it. It’s not inclued in 3DS max

  8. alainn986 says:

    thanx a lot bro

  9. robertovessone says:

    Hello, how did you do the water ?

  10. Lukiel Portas says:

    i cant find a tutorial to make the water with vray ….

  11. Lukiel Portas says:

    you still dont have the mental ray version?

  12. il3didesign says:

    Hi,thank you for this great tutorial,series I followed it all the way through and it helped me a lot. I was a little bit sad that vray is presented, I was expecting mental ray since that comes with 3dsmax and I do not have vray. I would be great if you could create with mental ray as well the last 2 parts.
    Thanks once again for the tutorials!

  13. Lobna Saleh says:

    I love it
    but the floor and window , they appear at the end but it’s not there in video can u help with that
    especially with the window material ??
    thank it’s the best tutorial 🙂

  14. Lukiel Portas says:

    i would apreciate a link to download the correct vray and the nwest one 🙂

    thank you for the help!

  15. Rakesh Samaddar says:

    u hav 2 install Vray…as simple as that

  16. Lukiel Portas says:

    i dont have the option vray … how can i get it?

  17. Rakesh Samaddar says:

    There is a lot missing after 6:28, plz correct that. And how did you modify the walls so that the exterior face is invisible from outside the room? Actually the wall is obstructing my view at certain points. Thanks in advance.

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