RCT3 FIREWORKS TUTORIAL 6 (spark trails)

RCT3 FIREWORKS TUTORIAL 6 (spark trails)

How to make a palm type firework by making spark trails.

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5 responses to “RCT3 FIREWORKS TUTORIAL 6 (spark trails)”

  1. crazysniper433 says:

    thank you so much for your videos, i had to stop to write the steps down but i want to know do you have any videos on lasers and water effects?

  2. bbllaacckkooppss says:

    i have windows vista. my windows says rollercoaster tycoon is stopped working because there’s a problem. why??

  3. ShannenGonzales360 says:

    You are my firework hero

  4. TheLithuaniaROCKS says:

    help! when i when i put 60 particles my tails just be bigger!?????

  5. Frozendeath123 says:

    i think its advanced camera on the options, but its harder to control, or if its a different option, which is easier to control, i would use it all the time

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