Flash + Fireworks CS4 Tutorial [HQ] – Interactive Map Button Menu Interface

Flash + Fireworks CS4 Tutorial [HQ] - Interactive Map Button Menu Interface

Flash and fireworks CS4 tutorial on creating an interactive map button interface

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12 responses to “Flash + Fireworks CS4 Tutorial [HQ] – Interactive Map Button Menu Interface”

  1. FredBarbarossa says:

    Hi, nice map and tutorial. I have created a tool to create interactive “image maps”.
    The main idea in my tool is to draw boxes on top of an image and then you can add comments that will become active on mouse over. Check it out. The tool is free.
    Of course it is not the same as you showed but it could be useful for someone.
    You can check my youtube channel.

  2. Niki Petrov says:

    can you explain to me how to make a window that appears when i hover or click on a country

  3. ALex Bogdan says:

    Very nice tutorial. But how to make it for my users can select many regions, for example selecting France and Spain both ? Thx

  4. D1videos says:

    When you told that americans are stupid, i tottaly forgave you for calling Portugal, Spain and France a province 🙂

  5. D1videos says:

    @Filo526 Wikipedia

  6. Filo526 says:

    where is possible to find free map of the world like that?


  7. primeop02 says:

    ctrl + D

  8. eyadmufti says:

    nice … is there any way to enlarge the map after clicking on one of those buttons !!

    lot of thx.

  9. Miguel Angel Fernandez Diaz says:

    Very good tutorial! As for the continuous mistakes about geography… I must confess I was kind of angry about calling “provinces” of Europe instead of “countries” until I heard that Americans have a problem with the geography, hahaha. In short, good job buddy!

  10. noashi45 says:

    thank you very much !

  11. robertobaldav says:

    How Do I save it as .swf?

  12. Oscar Armenta says:

    I heard that Fireworks is only for prototyping websites. that
    means that I need another program if I want to make the entire website? after prototyping is done?

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