Illustrator Tutorial: Create your own fonts and types

Illustrator Tutorial: Create your own fonts and types

Here is tutorial about how to use the offset path feature while also using the dashed line feature. Message me with any other tutorial topics that you would like to work out Subscribe for other videos coming soon

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19 responses to “Illustrator Tutorial: Create your own fonts and types”

  1. AngiHa says:

    good to know this, but there is also some way how to save it as a new installable font?

  2. ColSuppressed says:

    How can i assign a Letter to make it works when i push a button?? I mean TTF fonts, no just edit paths

  3. Shalala Abu says:

    how do you make fonts have design on it like cheetah prints on letters.

  4. liveastdieyoungable says:

    Please rename the title to how to use outline tool, instead calling it create your own font…

  5. Miguel Paula says:

    you are awesome! thanks…ive done so much with just the little you shown me!

  6. Polypoly06 says:

    The title is misleading. I thought you meant how to actually make your own font that you can use to type for future projects. E.g. A font that is available to your font selection menu.

  7. MrJohn271996 says:

    Hey can I do that with adobe photoshop cs6??If someone knows answer me please..

  8. BaubleRob says:

    Misleading titles win hits and nothing else.

  9. itzyourcrayons says:


  10. CollegeTut says:

    Thanks for the comment and view!

  11. Joshua Martin says:

    Thanks for teaching people how to use somebody else’s font and pretend it’s yours.

  12. nov8des says:

    you just taught people how not to use illustrator

  13. wildreign says:

    This is an Awesome idea!!! Luv it Thanks!

  14. AGENTARMES says:

    this video shows you how to mess with a pre-existing font, not how to create a font. incredibly misleading.

  15. z5i says:

    save as .itf

  16. Famonameio says:

    How about trying this? Select the text (no need to make outlines), and in the appearance palette, hit the “add new fill” button at the bottom (white square icon). You should now see a box for fill and stroke. They work in layers so what ever is on top in the panel is on top in your design. You can select the stroke layer and hit the duplicate icon at the bottom of the palette. Changing the fill color and stroke size allows you to create the very same effects while only creating one shape.

  17. philip sheard says:

    Thanks you for this quick tutorial its exactly what i needed and now i can get on with my assignment so thumbs up!

  18. marracute says:

    Thanks for this great tutorial. Just for n00bs like me :D

  19. SexyArcanine666 says:

    Nice. This really helped out.

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