UVW Unwrap Tutorial 3ds max 2013

UVW Unwrap Tutorial 3ds max 2013

A beginers tutorial in using the Unwrap UVW in 3ds max 2013 You will need AutoDesk 3ds max Photoshop or any other software like it, Gimp is a free program like photoshop if u don’t have it.

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7 responses to “UVW Unwrap Tutorial 3ds max 2013”

  1. Zero Zero says:

    why didn’t you just leave the cylinder’s UVs the way it came unwrapped from Autodesk??? That was the best layout to texture on.

  2. dasten123 says:

    you call it “UVW Unwrap Tutorial” but you spent only like 30% of the time on uvw unwrapping showing the simpliest method without any tweaking wich is important

  3. stoob1969 says:

    5 minute tutorial, awesome

  4. SGUDevs says:

    if you want to join us send a message to my skype dekenf.nombre 1

  5. kinkyboo13 says:

    quick simple and high quality, no need to say more then whats needed to be done

  6. TheTimon2000 says:

    An rarely tutorial !

  7. verysmallbuttons says:

    You have no idea how much this has helped last minute!! THANK-YOU!

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