XHTML and CSS Tutorial – 26 – Styling Tables

XHTML and CSS Tutorial - 26 - Styling Tables

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16 responses to “XHTML and CSS Tutorial – 26 – Styling Tables”

  1. lib5ion says:

    no worries, Bucky. your corny jokes made me laugh. so it’s cool.

  2. StepinacLax says:

    These tutorials are great.. I knew as soon as you said up in here you were going to start singing the song

  3. Ali Wahiib says:


  4. OjoRojo40 says:

    And that’s why it’s called Cascading Style Sheets.

  5. hazombol elbobol says:

    up in there*

  6. nipuni malsara says:

    thank u

  7. specialnogo says:

    Because is taught by people who actually like to teach and that don’t any guidelines on how to teach the stuff.

  8. dheeraj br says:


    UP IN HEAR!!

  9. cygmarx says:

    stylin’ on dem tables

  10. eminemchu43 says:

    I love you bucky!

  11. MrDmogul says:

    I get it.

  12. inquisitive35 says:

    Why is free education more convencing and digestable?


    Yes we can do that in CSS. Use ID attribute instead of name because name is deprecated in xHTML

  14. Alkis Stasinos says:

    you can use the id attribute too.

  15. krwiley514 says:

    i must say that css was always confusing to me but i have a much better understanding from your tutorials. I love them. Thanks for taking the time.

  16. AzulxKoolaid says:

    right after he said “up in here” at 1:30 , i literally started singing the same song that he was..

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