How to Use The Auto Trace in Adobe Illustrator

How to Use The Auto Trace in Adobe Illustrator

Check out Bas Rutten’s Liver Shot on MMA Surge: Janee Meadows shows us how to use the adobe Illustrator auto trace feature. In this tutorial you will learn how to auto trace your artwork and make great designs. Checkout these other Adobe Illustrator Pages How to Use Brushes in Adobe Illustrator How to Use The Auto Trace in Adobe Illustrator : How to Create Your Own Brush in Adobe Illustrator : How to Use The Gradient Tool in Adobe Illustrator : How to Use The Layers Panel in Adobe Illustrator : How to Use The Pen Tool in Adobe Illustrator : How to Use The Selection Tool in Adobe Illustrator : Check out these other youtube playlist How To Speak Spanish : How To Start a Blog : How To Stretch : How To Use Facebook : How To Use iPhone 4 : How To Use The Droid Phone : How To Use the Top Droid Apps : How To Use Twitter : How To Use Windows 7 : LA’s Hottest Bartender : How to use the brushes in illustrator. How to use adobe Illustrator. Tips for adobe illustrator. Learn Adobe Illustrator. Drawing with Adobe Illustrator.Tools in adobe illustrator. Tutorials for adobe illustrator. Best tips for illustrator. Photoshop is not the only design software.
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20 responses to “How to Use The Auto Trace in Adobe Illustrator”

  1. Gallosafare says:

    no thanks, you need to learn more

  2. AeroSport103 says:

    Great tutorial! Liked & subscribed…

  3. Luis Lopez says:

    Sorry to say this but ur fucking hot

  4. Wardenofthe Seas says:

    maam i like your voice im kind of addictedtoit……

  5. xdaltondavisx says:


  6. Teknetinium Tek says:

    Thank you!!!!

  7. Debarshi Majumdar says:

    ma’am yr video is really good, but u need to stop being like that…9if u can help it 0…ur antics can scare the shit out of people…nice video..thanks

  8. Octavio Eyraud says:


  9. airmedics05 says:

    Why would people say negative things, she has one of the better explanation videos on here.

  10. stefarossi says:

    Thanks for the tutorial!

  11. LoveToSurf445 says:

    ..and she edited a banana..

  12. iLive2PLAYPS3 says:


  13. cortezzzable says:

    Janee, thankya- love to draw+paint+mixed media… learning the graphic parts now. need instruction from other source rather then just college professors. especially, when my instructors aren’t as good looking as you……………………

  14. m0rsa says:

    i got a banana too!

  15. yeahpunkrocks says:

    hahahahaha they way she speaks is jkust sooo funny

  16. Karan Gupta says:

    a little something called ‘scanner’…

  17. BlakeHage says:

    how do you get the drawing on to computer? …

  18. 9h4h4h4h says:

    Rude people! MORE THAN JUST A PRETTY FACE>>>>Smart, bubbley personality with a great voice. Like her style!

  19. shelia french says:

    I’m new to Adobe Illustrator we hv our first project we hv to trace the quaker imagine its black & white but we have to do layers ,were also doing this vector do you have any suggestions because the pen trace is driving me crazy lol , I really like ur videos can you use auto trace & make layers also?

  20. CCCriticalThinkinGGG says:

    Thx for the knowledge. Feel sorry for this person due to all the pornographic minded comments, don’t know if she is trying to act very not girly in the video or that’s how she is, but quite an amazing artist I’d say. The means to sacrifice one’s dignity for advertisement worked “kinda” in this case, the road of creation is one bumpy motherfucker, am I right?

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