Illustrator Tutorial: Apples and Saucer (Rotate Revolve 3D effect)

Illustrator Tutorial: Apples and Saucer (Rotate Revolve 3D effect)

Hey just a cool tutorial using a simple revolve tool. Have fun with this one and make your own designs. I try to have a new video up everyday so subscribe for more. Message me with any tutorial topics
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22 responses to “Illustrator Tutorial: Apples and Saucer (Rotate Revolve 3D effect)”

  1. WumboTracks says:

    Works great, really nice tutorial! I had a problem with the revolve thing, my whole apple turned black with a little green spot on the top and a grey “light” spot on it. I found out that it was caused by the border line which was black and I forgot about it. Thumb up for this video man!

  2. damavsman says:


  3. Rahul Rai says:

    gr8 tutorial

  4. CiNaMiGraFiKs says:

    Great tutorial but for more realistic looking apples I feel the gradient mesh tool is far superior to the 3d revolve.

  5. Maximm1stwarr says:

    Tnx man Great video

  6. xzTANNERzx says:

    Its healthy and deliciously amazing.

  7. Fulham Gaz says:

    Really liked the tut fella… just got into Illustrator and using a trial version before I buy the Design Premium 5.5 – your tut gave me a massive insight into the ‘3D/Revolve’ tool. I’d have paid to know that info but you’re sharing it for free. Thanks, it’s really appreciated and easy to learn. Now im going to experiment! Well done!

  8. pescado85 says:

    awesome , Good job

  9. AngrySaw says:

    so appetizing!

  10. CIMEK CM says:

    This is very nice!

  11. sjsawyer says:

    damn son. great tut for getting started with the 3d feature

  12. Gideon Njuguna says:

    This was really helpful. Thank you very much

  13. giagraf says:

    gracias = ) thanks … =)

  14. Sean Chagalla says:

    This is awesome, someone told me about the revolving tool but never got into details, am so happy! would you please illustrate more on fancy backgrounds..

  15. Andrew Yancey says:

    is illustrator for animations?

  16. TheTwistedGoat says:

    This really helped me, thanks a lot man

  17. MariaRumianceva says:

    Thanks!!!!! Nice voise)

  18. MrImrankadir says:

    lol… thank you so much!!!
    i’m so exited,and i wanna try it..

  19. willugoupordown says:

    great tutorial! I saw this same thing in a text version a while back but I would have learned it a lot easier/quicker if I would have found your video earlier, haha.

  20. CollegeTut says:

    Hey thanks for the comment and the view!

  21. CollegeTut says:

    Thanks a lot mmp im glad it worked out for you

  22. Mista Madison says:

    This is a great tutorial! Im really glad that I watched it. Great speed and delivery in such a short time. Nice work.

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