Photoshop Tutorial Professional Photo Edit

Photoshop Tutorial Professional Photo Edit

Check this video out at Hi-Res here: Welcome to this video tutorial! In the following video we will start with a decent photo and transform it from being decent to great! Transforming brown/yellow grass to bright saturated grass and converting a dull sky to a bright blue wonderfully vivid sky. Check it out and learn something! Have fun and please check out for more videos and downloads!
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15 responses to “Photoshop Tutorial Professional Photo Edit”

  1. Felician Galgau says:

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  2. videogame1291 says:

    It’s kinda interesting to have CS6 and go watch videos from when CS3 was new

  3. AaronLow1 says:

    :O that sun thing reminds me of the smurf movie.

  4. AaronLow1 says:

    wait, a noisy sky?

  5. AaronLow1 says:

    when yo look at it.. before and after… it looks un natral

  6. omar perez says:

    You guys should check out this videos out they are really helpful

  7. sgtwhiplash says:


  8. musicsaviour says:

    you sound like charlie sheen

  9. imfreeareyou says:

    Yea That is really a professional way of editing photos.

  10. joyce claire santiago says:

    its understood anyways

  11. TheNothing598 says:

    So,wtf are you trying to say?

  12. MusicPower56 says:

    Yoo Charliee whats up!!? :D

  13. spazz1996 says:

    what photoshop do you use? can i download it?

  14. 4416angelo says:

    thumbs up!!!

  15. hassanabbasbirmani says:

    Thanks Allot for great tutorial.

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