Shiny Textured Logo Text Creation Tutorial Fireworks CS4

Shiny Textured Logo Text Creation Tutorial Fireworks CS4

Learn how to texture and give your text shine and depth using Fireworks CS4.
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6 responses to “Shiny Textured Logo Text Creation Tutorial Fireworks CS4”

  1. megalaptopcila says:

    this video is so many cool

  2. GrandStudable says:

    Wowowowow THAT was really good

  3. marckolius says:

    Damn Boston, ran into your tut on here again. Thanks, learning so much. Oh and my opinion on the Photoshop vs Fireworks, at least for me, is that fireworks seems more geared for fast, graphic oriented editing, and photoshop is for, well photos. Im a newb, so any other opinions out there please?

  4. shanna1950 says:

    your tuts about fw cs4 truly made me curious about the programme. jawdropping what;s possible. seems even better than PS !

  5. Emma1299 says:

    But, what Adobe Fireworks is for? All of this can be done with Photoshop! and it much more easy to use all tools!

    What are the differences between them?

  6. Blagovest Peshev says:

    respect. nothing other to say

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