Illustrator CS5 Tutorial 3

Illustrator CS5 Tutorial 3

Part 3 of my Illustrator CS5 Tutorial. I cover everything I didn’t cover in the previous tool. Line tool, shape tool, pencil, transform, art board, layers, and everything else you can do with Illustrator CS5
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20 responses to “Illustrator CS5 Tutorial 3”

  1. Derek Banas says:

    Thank you 🙂 I spent quite a few years doing illustrations so I’ll do my best

  2. aliveonbike says:

    Wow, that is great news! Funny be cause I actually work on character design for video games but only on hardcopy, on paper and I want to be able also to convert my characters in vector images with illustrator effects and so on. Your tutorials are more than welcomed. I will recommend them to other artists in my town.

  3. Derek Banas says:

    You’re very welcome 🙂 I hope to make more soon when I work on character design for video games. it should be fun

  4. aliveonbike says:

    Some of the best tutorials for CS5 around, very practical and easy to understand. I ll subscribe. thanks

  5. Derek Banas says:

    You can’t make a circle artboard. What are you trying to do?

  6. midioutlaw1 says:

    How do you make a circle artboard; I’m creating a circle logo? Thanks, your videos were quite helpful!

  7. Derek Banas says:

    Select your text and then click on create outlines. Then you can manipulate the text anyway that you like. I also show you how to do tons of crazy things with text in Illustrator in Part 5 of this tutorial series. Hope that helps?

  8. Andre Costa says:

    Tutorial request:
    For instance, how can I create the word “COOL” and have the two letter O interlaced? When the lower part of the Os are joined, one is below the other, and in the upper part it’s the opposite? I hope the request is sort of clear!!

  9. Derek Banas says:

    You’re very welcome. I’m glad you liked it. Thanks for taking the time to show your appreciation 🙂

  10. Sandyands says:

    This is the BEST tutorial I have seen that shows how to outline a JPG into a vector graphic! Thanks for taking the time to do so!

  11. squizofreniko says:

    thanks for answer I´ve already resolve that problem.. but of course.I .SUBSCRIBE
    and Ido agree with some coments,¡¡¡¡ you talk with the speed of light!!!…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzoom. Have a nice time

  12. Derek Banas says:

    The layer that you’re drawing on is probably locked. Does the layer with the brush tool art have a “lock” symbol to the right of the eye symbol? Click on the lock symbol there and you should be good to go

  13. squizofreniko says:

    please help!!!!!!!!! my selection tools seems to be locked for some actions, for example the rectangle is only rectangle and i can´t open the other forms like the star or elipse

  14. Derek Banas says:

    Sure I can look into some indesign tutorials. Thanks for the idea

  15. Alex Chambers says:

    Since you do illustrator, could you some indesign

  16. Derek Banas says:

    I’m glad you liked it 🙂

  17. royalconcrete1 says:

    your brain is very fast and your tongue keeps up with it very well. LOL!!! Great tut’s.

  18. Derek Banas says:

    Sorry about that. If I say Command on PCs that is CTRL and Option is ALT on Pcs. I think pretty much everything else is the same. I’ll watch out for that in the future

  19. Christian Castejon says:

    for mac users only.. how about us windows?

  20. Christian Castejon says:

    for mac users only.. how about us windows?

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