Photoshop CS6 | Beginner Tutorial (Getting Started – Basic Tools)

Photoshop CS6 | Beginner Tutorial (Getting Started - Basic Tools)

THANKS FOR 200 FAVS!! —-Adobe Photoshop CS6 Tutorials, Getting Started, Basic Tools. How to use it for beginners. Tutorial for beginners. Updated Version: -TEXT TUTORIAL: I have a bad pronunciation. I am working on making vocal tutorials in the future for sure. -TURN OFF THE MUSIC if it is bad for your concentration. FIND THE FULL LIST OF TUTORIALS HERE v ▂▃▄▅▆▇█▒░Find here what you are looking for░▒▓█▇▆▅▄▃▂ -00:24 General overlook; -00:47 How to create a new file; -01:12 How to open an existing file; -01:43 How to open a work window; -02:08 The Layers in photoshop and how to select a part of an image; -03:27 How to make a layer visible/invisible; -03:40 The order of visibility, locked layers; -04:09 How to duplicate a layer; -04:35 How to edit a layer (scaling, rotating, flipping, etc); -05:51 How to Zoom on a layer; -06:24 Advanced editing: Lasso, Magic Wand and Quick Selection, Crop and Slice Tools, Brush and Pencil Tools, (Polygon Tools: 11:45) -08:12 How to change color (eyedropper Tool: 08:33); -08:42 How to add a text, with its box, size and color; -09:55 Blending Options: adding inner & outer shadows, transparency, textures, outer & inner glows, etc; -12:08 How to add Gradients; -12:43 The Layer Mask; -13:39 How to correct an action mistaken; -14:04 the Info window; -14:40 How to Adjust a Layer; -16:14 How to save (as image or a project); ₪─═─═─VIDEO─══─INFO─═─═─═─═─★ ║★proɢrαмѕ υѕed: Sony

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13 responses to “Photoshop CS6 | Beginner Tutorial (Getting Started – Basic Tools)”

  1. FazzFaiez1997 says:

    thx bro Im so interested into photoshop when i saw my friend use so but i dont know how to use it soo…. this video help me alot

  2. 6DeepKey9 says:

    I never got it?

  3. Citlally Valdez says:

    how do i put copy and paste it wpnt let me because it says “could not complete your request because it is not a valid document.” please help

  4. FPSGamerKecyL says:

    Create a new layer and click on place 🙂

  5. karthik binnu says:

    awesome music tell me music track names

  6. rebika dhungana says:

    how can minimize for photoshop tell me plz

  7. MrInvestment1 says:

    nice video.

  8. szebibi says:

    Make sure you are using RGB channel (Image-Mode-RGB) 16 bit. The LAB mode is 8 bit, it does not offer JPG format.

  9. hrcrsfr says:

    good video but the music.. are you serious? my apologies if you’re from india lol check out tycho-epigram. much love though, to each their own right? 🙂

  10. GAmERbOysparkes9919 says:

    can someone help me with this this makes no sense…..

  11. mrfredriclundberg says:

    When I make layers they are only like squares and I can’t colour it or anything

  12. whiteskunk2012 says:

    lol got lost half way though the tutorial due to the amazing song hahah great tutorial bud

  13. SamanthaY2J says:

    Really helped awesome vid!

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