Vector Swirls and Florals: Illustrator CS5 Width Tool Tutorial

Vector Swirls and Florals: Illustrator CS5 Width Tool Tutorial

Welcome to the next tutorial. This tutorial is an expansion on one of our other videos showing how to use the NEW Width Tool in Illustrator CS5. This time we are demonstrating how to draw a vectored vine or swirl using the new Width Tool. If you are looking for Logo Design or stationery printing in the UK, pay us a visit at If you found this tutorial helpful please leave a comment below, also if there is a tutorial you would like me to cover leave suggestion in the comments section and I will do my best to create a video as soon as possible.

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15 responses to “Vector Swirls and Florals: Illustrator CS5 Width Tool Tutorial”

  1. LogoSupermarket1 says:

    Thank you for your feedback. Tools used in this video should be in the same place in CS6. Was there something in particular you couldn’t locate?

  2. Eric Wallace says:

    Thanks this really helped! It was hard to find someone who gave a good video demonstrating how to draw Vectors. DO you think it may be possible to do a CS6 Version. CS6 seems to have a few different features and it is a little more difficult to find what you are explaining.

  3. meowminx says:

    sexy voice

  4. LogoSupermarket1 says:

    Over 20K views. Thank you everyone!

  5. branzboy1 says:

    haha the alt trick with the spiral is a must! t save so much timework… Thank you so much!!!!

  6. chicagowebguy says:

    Thanks so much. You got right to the point and made the tutorial easy. I hope you have more videos.

  7. jawhar cruise says:

    download adobe illustrator for free with serial: h t t p : / / a d f . l y / C j H N N

  8. LogoSupermarket1 says:

    nice to see the 15,000 views mark come round. Thank you all 😉

  9. meisje92 says:

    kind of figured it out now, thanks!

  10. meisje92 says:

    I dont get how to do the leaf 🙁

  11. 0davek says:

    Narrated by Tywin Lannister.

  12. LogoSupermarket1 says:

    thats certainly they very first time I have been compared to Clint Eastwood 😉

  13. SunaiGray says:

    Great tutorial! Love the calm way you present it (Clint Eastwood style xD )

  14. mindyour beeswax says:

    awesome , thanks, love the width tool

  15. LogoSupermarket1 says:

    if you go to 1:53 in the video is shows using the width tool to make the flat ended stroke in to a pointed end. I hope this helps.

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