3Ds Max Tutorial – 4 – Creating Basic Objects

3Ds Max Tutorial - 4 - Creating Basic Objects

How to create some basic object which are known as primitives
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23 responses to “3Ds Max Tutorial – 4 – Creating Basic Objects”

  1. riel sabalande says:

    thnks for your tuturial,.,.,im following now all your tuturials starting from 1, i promise to finished all your tuturials,.,it helps me a lot cause i dont need to pay for an instructor to teach me about 3ds max,..,.it saves alot of money,.,.thnk you very much and god blees you ad your family,.,.,

  2. Adam Farnsworth says:

    Perhaps this is covered in another video, but say I want to create a box in a particular spot , with exact dimensions. After I click the box button, can I type in a starting location, and type in the dimensions?

  3. Georgi Rodriguez says:

    good job bro ty

  4. onlylikenerd says:

    alt w to maximize a certain one

  5. Tushar Chawla says:

    taht cone parameter is frustum 🙂

  6. blackeventer says:


  7. redwhitentrue says:

    Thanks sir.

  8. RKayEll says:

    How do I add my own texture? Instead of a plain colour

  9. qwasd0r says:

    Isn’t there a way to maximize a certain viewport, like you can in Maya by hitting space?

  10. oxycontiin says:

    I hate when people start accidentally repeating ‘and then go ahead and..’ for every single sentence. uhhhh

  11. DasHinchen says:

    it worked like charm, but when I moved the upper part far away, the middle of the hose went all tiny and weird. Why is that?

  12. yosi barel says:

    thank you , you do good job

  13. Sanjay Krishna says:

    u r the awesomest teacher ive ever got.

  14. CoinCreeper says:

    Who says w t f for what the fuck unless there typing?

  15. SALEEM MD says:

    your doing exelent job for beginers

  16. fuzzydogdog says:

    2:43 Y U NO NAME IT JOE

  17. viking185 says:

    actually it’s 3D Studio Max so stop hatin’ and let the man teach ;)

  18. uip1280 says:

    W.T.F. where they go? I can”t ghange the parameters anymore….
    good one

  19. Echo Charles says:

    “… Go ‘head and…. Well, you don’t know how to create a box yet, but… Go’head and create that…”

  20. lakimens says:

    To me it’s showing a different picture cus of [Perspective][Realistic] I don’t have those settings for [Smooth+Highlights].

  21. Spencer Garrett says:

    I love it

  22. dcaimbeul says:

    4:15 taper

  23. Bigbuzz Xking says:

    got it!

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