iMovie 11′ Walkthrough

iMovie 11' Walkthrough

New video tutorial of iMovie 11
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19 responses to “iMovie 11′ Walkthrough”

  1. RoxxyY SwW says:

    buy a mac laptop or mac computer cuz it comes on them and you get virus on any other comp trust me

  2. skatelivi111 says:

    Is it worth to buy iMovie 11 if you already got iMovie 09? Thx:)

  3. Bill McGowan says:

    here’s my question — how do you get website pages into iMovie, and then all that cool ursor movie stuff. HELP!

  4. Q2foou says:

    i think you can buy it.

  5. horsesfourever143 says:

    How did u get imovie on your computer did u download it o something ??

  6. eme3ep says:

    Can anyone help me??:)

  7. eme3ep says:

    I wanna shorten my let’s play so when i cut some clips in middle of video, the audio is still the same!!?? so: how can i delete little parts of audio in middle of audio track?

  8. eme3ep says:

    does anyone know it is possible to delete small pieces of audio in middle of audio track with iMovie???!!! I’m making let’s play so first i captured my screen for video and recorded my voice with QuickTime Player, and then i converted .mov file to.mp3 and put it into iTunes.

    Then i open iMovie and put captured video and .mp3 audio together, but now i only have 1 problem!:
    (coming to next comment!!)

  9. Sarah Marshall says:

    I found him xD

  10. mammamia65able says:

    Wow! HD is so clear :)

  11. Walter Tonetto says:

    and what about you, douchebag??? I think he’s put together an excellent overview!!

  12. LSelecDgns says:

    that’s just weird. all of my projects are 30fps!

  13. Malcolm alwyn says:

    so true

  14. Malcolm alwyn says:

    I LIKE PIE!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  15. narcissusdark says:

    imovie on the pad and iphone have different themes, like travel and news report, the one on the mac doesnt feature these, why not?

  16. TangDynasty83 says:

    hahahaha 😀

  17. angelachannel says:

    Thanks for this video. Can you make a tutorial on how to make the transition from a pc to iMac for movie editing? For example importing all of the sound files from the pc to the iMac, locating the movie tracks in the iMac and anyything else helpful when first making the switch.

  18. ArmAndTrout says:

    same here!…..4 months ago…..ur gonna love it

  19. Wilbur Salazar says:

    i just got my macbook pro!!!!!!

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