Retouching in Lightroom 4 Snow Landscape PLP Episode 24

Retouching in Lightroom 4 Snow Landscape PLP Episode 24

You can get the my entire training at and get the raw files and see all my Podcast at You can subscribe to my channel here : In this episode we will retouch again a landscape from the Alpes with snow and a chalet. This time it is a panorama. It is a double development first in Lightroom for the basic raw settings, then using Photoshop CS 6 for merging the pano and then back to Lightroom 4 for the final touches.

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11 responses to “Retouching in Lightroom 4 Snow Landscape PLP Episode 24”

  1. benjamiy831 says:

    Thanks Serge, you’re the best.

  2. cjvictory says:

    Thank you .Enjoyed it !

  3. Jose Zulu says:

    Nice one Serge, thanks for the lesson!

  4. togothrough says:

    Hi Serge. Thanks for the video. Love your tutorials. Do you ever have live training? Thanks and happy, healthy New Year to you and your family.

  5. trongnhanify says:

    Thank you very much. This helps me so much

  6. dzholas says:

    Thank you very much for adaptive wide angle filter

  7. Jasveer Singh says:

    thanks for sharing. very interesting! 

  8. Giorgi Shermazanashvili says:

    Serge Thanks again for this nice video.

    All your videos are getting very similar to each other… why don’t you make tutorial on something else? For example tutorial on LR catalogs or probably on metadata. I think both will be very interesting for your subscribers.


  9. MrChelove says:

    I will promote this Podcast by giving out flyers on the street.

  10. Zooparkk says:

    I just didn’t liked much what you did with the cloning snow at the left..
    I don’t know.. could work a little bit more. Looks kind fake. =/

    But you are the best!

  11. missterry2009 says:

    as usual,very helpful!thanks serge!

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