How to Make a Lower Third in After Effects: Bammo VFX Tutorial

How to Make a Lower Third in After Effects: Bammo VFX Tutorial

Want to learn how to make lower third graphics for your videos? In this episode of “Bammo Basics,” Ryan shows you the best way to use After Effects to make y…

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24 responses to “How to Make a Lower Third in After Effects: Bammo VFX Tutorial”

  1. Aidan Keogh says:

    thanks so much for this,´╗┐ so great theres people out there who just want to help ­čÖé

  2. JalemMovies says:

    you alt click to option click´╗┐

  3. drumguyrobc says:

    It doesn’t matter if you had lied. It was an example that an interest in any given subject typically yields a basic knowledge of that area. For instance, most engineers have a background in math prior to college. I do a little local, freelance VFX on the side. Before going into´╗┐ it, because of my interest, I knew basic concepts. All I’m saying is making a lower third is elementary in knowledge. Most people looking for this are 14 year olds who pirated the software.

  4. FoxVideoTutorials says:

    I have three degrees: Accounting, Finance and Bus. Admin. I didn’t answer your´╗┐ question because anyone can claim to be anything online. How do you know if I’m lying or not? I didn’t have a background in Accounting before going to school, and that is my counterpoint to your argument. You don’t need to have a background in editing / graphics before making a lofty purchase. All one needs is the desire to learn, regardless of their background. However, having an interest doesn’t mean it’ll be easy.

  5. drumguyrobc says:

    I never claimed I was smart, but I’m not sure why you wouldn’t answer my question. I ask because I assume the majority of people entering into a college degree program have an interest in what they wish to study. If you want a music degree, would you not know how to play music? If you want a computer science degree, do´╗┐ you not know how to use a computer? I don’t dislike you, but given your purchase, you have an interest in production, making it easy for you to figure something like this out.

  6. FoxVideoTutorials says:

    If you were as smart as you claim, you’d realize that I was talking about pursuing an interest that a person may have, despite their background or the cost. It’s obvious that my point was too much for you to understand. In regards to my education, who cares? Let’s just say that I’m one of the people that you don’t like because, last Friday, I purchased the Production Pro CS6 suite and I don’t have an ounce of graphic design or post production experience. Should I´╗┐ get a refund, Dad?! LMAO!

  7. drumguyrobc says:

    First, I don’t know why you’re getting so worked up about this. Second, comparing college to a piece of software is ridiculous. Those are two vastly different things. To make an assumption on “my way of thinking,” you’re obviously completely misunderstanding what I’m´╗┐ saying; making you simple-minded, not I. Let me make it easier for you by asking a simple question: What degree have you either achieve or are currently working to obtain?

  8. FoxVideoTutorials says:

    Wow! I guess no one should go to college, right? College students spend thousands of dollars for tuition without knowing anything about their chosen subject. According to your way of thinking, they should have a background in something before they go to school, right? I’m embarrassed that you are from the states because small-minded people like you are the reason´╗┐ why we are behind in education.

  9. drumguyrobc says:

    If someone is tossing out that much money for a VFX program, they would have a small background in post-production work, or at the very least, knowledge of video work. If´╗┐ someone has even the slightest knowledge of video work, they know what a lower third is and would know what tools they need to produce one.

  10. FoxVideoTutorials says:

    LOL, really? SO what if they´╗┐ just bought the software today? Are they supposed to automatically know how to create a lower third if they’re a new to it? What a dumbass!

  11. Mark Levander says:

    I gotta say man this is a great TuT. You did an amazing´╗┐ job please keep up the good work!

  12. IntelDimensional says:

    OK´╗┐ I think I did an option click by holding down alt and clicking. Correct me if I’m wrong.

  13. Aron Clausen says:

    i think many people are having trouble with this i mean i asked many people and no one knew´╗┐ how to option click

  14. Sliq213 says:

    But yet I again Google has´╗┐ all the answer’s

  15. Sliq213 says:

    ­čÖü How did´╗┐ you manage?

  16. Daniel B says:

    pls´╗┐ tell, how

  17. Eli Idunate says:

    I´╗┐ love BAMMO basics!!!

  18. Hussain AlMarkhi says:

    That awesome ..ZX´╗┐

  19. BBREntertainment says:

    This is´╗┐ awesome, Very helpfull … Thank you so much !!!

  20. BBREntertainment says:

    It´╗┐ just came out today… He posted that comment 3 weeks ago

  21. magetori says:

    they did´╗┐

  22. IntelDimensional says:

    NVM´╗┐ I GOT IT =DDD

  23. IntelDimensional says:

    I cant get passed 5:33 can someone tell me what an option click is´╗┐ or something

  24. Tom bey says:

    Big´╗┐ tutorial´╗┐ slowmotion twixtor here: /watch?v=KIekOG7mSgU´╗┐

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