iMovie Slow Motion & Frame Rate

iMovie Slow Motion & Frame Rate

How to do basic slow motion in iMovie, the importance of frame rate in slow motion, and how to export at 60fps in iMovie.
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24 responses to “iMovie Slow Motion & Frame Rate”

  1. CoyoteUglyAK says:

    Check out GoPro’s CineForm Studio app they offer for free. Download and install then follow their instructions for making slo mo out of high frame rate recordings.

  2. heather4him says:

    Oh wow, this is so useful.

  3. SerenaDiamondheart says:

    I’ve watched all of your IMovie videos, I needed all of your help! Thanks SO much! 🙂

  4. lane brian says:

    how do i only make a clip slow mo but just one part of it

  5. Matthew Pearce says:

    Thanks! I’m glad you like them.

  6. rollsroyce666 says:

    Wow I just discovered your videos, they are very well done and very informative! Keep up the great work!

  7. James Bradley says:

    I’m using videos from my GoPro HD Hero3 Silver and I’m trying to edit some footage of rock jumping i want to put in slow motion. I’ve done what you say here, but my footage comes out hideously blurry compared to the original… how do you keep the same quality? Is that possible?

  8. easyvideocretaion says:

    Guys I found an incredibly easy way to create videos, upload them and get the stats, is so simple that I was shocked with the results, literally it was in just minutes.I can’tI post the link here but if you go to my profile you’ll see it on the description of my profile

  9. CJ Beaste says:

    What do you use the record?

  10. CJ Beaste says:

    Huge MousE!

  11. Eli Truth says:


  12. Mallory Copper says:

    Can you do this on an iPad

  13. Thomas Eaton says:

    what/how do i convert it in imovie

  14. ToadProductionINC says:

    I am working on a big project with clips from multiple events.
    All the cutaways from one event no longer play now that they have been re-imported all the clips within it (as there was an issue before).
    Instead of playing those clips in the project, a star icon over a black background and a reversed message saying “source clip is missing” appears in their place!

    If anyone has any ideas, that would be much appreciated.

  15. MrHonwe says:

    How do you get the audio wave forms?

  16. Jowtz says:

    Thank you!

  17. techbot25 says:

    Thanks Matt

  18. Matthew Pearce says:

    Its called DSLR Slate. Its definitely available on iOS devices. Not sure about this particular one on Android, but there are a several slate apps available.

  19. techbot25 says:

    3:00 whats the app called and does it work on android, ipods or just ipads

  20. pitt11djp says:

    Can you use iMovie with say a go pro shit at 720fps and do the same editing you showed here with 60fps?

  21. Kido D says:

    amazing Matt

  22. AwkwardTallness says:

    dude ur vids help so much! thank you!

  23. JonnyOxtricks says:

    Hey Matthew, Getting my Mac tomorrow. Really excited to start making some more free running videos! Quick question. do I have to download imovie 11 or will it already me on my mac. And how do I convert my clips so the slow motion works? Bless you brother

  24. Devon Waschitz says:

    Hey, Matt I was wondering, Would it still be choppy a slow-mo sequence was shot at 30fps and put into a project that is 24? or should i try to use 48?

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