#18 After Effects Tutorial – Creating Fire With Particular

#18 After Effects Tutorial - Creating Fire With Particular

In this video I will explain how to create fire in Adobe After Effects CS5.5 with the plug-in Trapcode Particular. Any questions? Post them below. ——– T…

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18 responses to “#18 After Effects Tutorial – Creating Fire With Particular”

  1. BortaMaga NFS says:

    THANKS ALOT! This is the best flame tutorial i can find on the internet!!

  2. KAPTEN H says:

    thank you :p

  3. Keyfin Aditya says:

    876 baiklah….

  4. natureshotschannel says:


    Thanks for uploading!


    (or click my name)


  5. TheAdventuresofAeau says:

    Nice tutorial, now I can burn people :3

  6. saiko pato says:


  7. Midnite Wang says:

    damn you talk too fast and you do the move too fast as well

  8. TeamVey says:

    can you make a TUT on SVP 11

  9. Hany syria says:

    press and hold ALT key in your keyboard then left click with mouse on the watch next to offset y then release the ALT key

  10. Einfachundcool says:

    he pressed alt+left click

  11. Bogumił Z says:

    How to speed down the fire? To make it burn slower? Which attribute it is?

  12. pi1k says:

    that was fast and great! very helpful, thanks!

  13. JustBeingADuck says:

    This realy helps my out thnks.

  14. sani katsadze says:

    it realy cool great

  15. jaime bedolla says:

    what did you do at 5:25? nothing happens when i press the offset y so i dont know where to type the -500

  16. Molluga says:

    Actually no need for apologies. Solid is a layer.

  17. Claude13able says:

    you suck

  18. rupesh600 says:

    this tutorial sucks…..

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