3d max tutorial: Moddeling chess set – The knight – part 1

3d max tutorial: Moddeling chess set - The knight - part 1

This is part 1 of the ‘create a knight tutorial’ for 3d studio max 9. You wil learn some moddel skills by viewing this tutorial. Check out www.VisualKnights….

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16 responses to “3d max tutorial: Moddeling chess set – The knight – part 1”

  1. Swieta Sy says:

    Hack Area Selection and make it to 0,1 (Line – Vertex – Selection – Area Selection)

  2. Swieta Sy says:

    Hi, try to change your Threshold in Surface modifier from 1 to 0,1

  3. PuppyIMVU says:

    Your voice is epic.

  4. ZhouZixiang says:

    good job…looking forward to your new video!!!

  5. cosssah says:

    pls close the warning at the bottom:)

  6. MobiLdeViLez says:

    Hi, I want to ask something.
    What screencasting software did you use in this tutorial?
    Thanks before, this tutorial’s helpful…

  7. Adrihanx says:

    This tutorial in 3d max look for it there tells you where you are, if not well written is that i´m use google translator

  8. himat sandhu says:

    use the tool called ‘fillet’ when you click ‘vertex’

  9. ObscurityN says:

    how can i make lines smooth out like in the line tool with smooth? i want to make my square have smooth sides

  10. Feyarts Fayyadh says:

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!! I was trying to model high heel.. the sole part is kinda hard… I have search many videos… yours just perfectly what I need… thank you~

  11. Brent Newton says:

    I’m coming to Max from Blender. A tutorial that makes use of blender analogies would be perfect for ppl like me. I understand if you have never used Blender. Maybe you know of a group that has already done this?

  12. QUATR00 says:

    I’m pretty sure a box-modelling approach would be much much faster than spline-modelling. I use box-modelling for most of my models and it’s a really fast and dirty way to model things

  13. theadman024 says:

    this technique rarely works, autodesk should fix the bugs before putting it in their tutorials

  14. ozakugeek2 says:

    where can i find that bkacground picture

  15. himanimeenakshi says:

    the surface part of it is not happening..

  16. Kurisiti says:

    T.T I keep trying to do this but every time I go to apply the surface onto the body cage, it doesn’t come out right; its all choppy. Could you tell me why this is happening?

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