3DS Max Loft Tutorial (Screwdriver)

3DS Max Loft Tutorial (Screwdriver)

Intermediate difficulty modeling tutorial using the loft command in 3D Studio Max Subscribe to the Dudely Pro YouTube channel – http://www.youtube.com/subscr…

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16 responses to “3DS Max Loft Tutorial (Screwdriver)”

  1. Supun Savinda says:

    thank u very much. good tutorial

  2. Цветослав Зеленый says:


  3. Kino Kun says:

    I like how you don’t actually mention how to create the shapes to use.

  4. JeffAnm8r says:

    Thanks so much for this.

  5. thanksgod4everything says:

    PERFECT! thanks a lot.

  6. Pete Mac Donald says:

    Best tutorial i’ve seen yet on youtube very clear i’m lofting like a pro now

  7. Aliman Roslan says:

    how to make those gear looking shape?

  8. Maciej heiki says:

    How do you simplu “select” the tip of the screwdriver? I’ve tried to do same as you did, but nothing happens, i can’t select just a part of the object.

  9. starkestal says:

    A simple, clear, time-effective and unpresumptuous tutorial. I wish more tutorial makers would adopt your attitude to that task.

    Way to go, DudelyPro! 🙂

  10. Ejardkethot Ketth says:


  11. Douglas Sabo says:

    Ah, see…I like it when there’s a tutorial from someone well spoken and who knows what they’re doing. Every Max or programming tutorial has annoying music or some guy without a mic typing in notepad what to do…makes me want to kill

  12. marioorange says:

    i found an answer to my problem thanks anyway very much … for your help
    my question was very hard and important ….
    look in the modifiers and find the command SUBDIVIDE … this solved my problems a lot !!!!
    hi from greece

  13. DudelyPro says:

    Unfortunately, I don’t know anything about autocad or how 3dsMax and autocad work together but… If I were to take a wild guess, I would say try to ad a bevel or an extrude modifier to it after you detached the pieces. Sorry I could be more help

  14. marioorange says:

    one more question … tuff question 🙂 i warned you!
    if i import an volume from autocad a complex volume maybe !… how can i manage it and put segments (lenght,height etc) so after i can detach them and use them so i can apply materials . and these segments can i have them at a specific distance or manupulate them at my will …. 🙂 tuff questions 🙂 for tuff guys :):):):))

  15. marioorange says:

    thanks for the answer .. i appreciate it very much …
    i work also autocad … there things are more easier but you can do few things !!
    .. i did loft there and it was easier there ….
    thanks anyway …
    mario ,athens

  16. DudelyPro says:

    Hmm… try selecting the shape, convert it to an editable spline, then use either segment or spline selection to select the whole shape and rotate it 180 degrees in whichever direction makes it follow the path in the way you want it to.
    Second answer: No they don’t need to be vertical

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