3ds max couch tutorial

3ds max couch tutorial

Creating a simple couch in 3ds max using edit poly , Ring loop, Connect, Mesh smooth, and ffd.
Video Tutorial Rating: 4 / 5

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17 responses to “3ds max couch tutorial”

  1. Rproduction206 says:

    Super.. Thanks´╗┐ ­čśÇ

  2. MarcusSims91 says:

    Hey I wanted know if this was the student version of 3dsmax and´╗┐ would this tutorial work with the 2010 version before I download it.

  3. veharkozeleg says:

    My´╗┐ ears, goddamit!

  4. marquece1225 says:

    Just type in an apostrophe and it converts it to inches. For´╗┐ instance, 1’0 is equal to 12.

  5. billnye69 says:

    How do you change your settings so that when´╗┐ you type in your Length/Width/Height that it’s in feet and inches?

  6. jasonandtheweird says:

    i hate to say this but i wouldnt call this simple im new to 3d max (about 4 months into learning for my degree) ive been told i have to create a world which i can import into unity to make´╗┐ a walk around enviroment the only problem is the polygons as i need to keep them low ­čÖü but i do love the vid no question there

  7. Chandan Sharma says:

    I’m just´╗┐ beginning with max and found this video real good. Good Job!

  8. Chandan Sharma says:

    I’m just beginning with max and´╗┐ found this video real good. Good Job!

  9. REDHEADX says:

    Your very welcome

  10. REDHEADX says:

    Your welcome,´╗┐ thanks for watching

  11. dmajorhiphopproducer says:

    thanks,´╗┐ this is helping me switch to 3d max from maya. I still love maya more but max is great ­čÖé

  12. Humberto Burgos says:

    Thanks´╗┐ a lot man !

  13. bhabooshka says:

    connect´╗┐ doesn’t work for some reason. Any idea?

  14. Saiya Darkfire says:

    cool tutorial but the noces ya making is annoying lol dont know what your doing tho´╗┐ slapping ya lips together when you take a breath lol
    bood cool tutoral thanx

  15. Falcofan22 says:

    Awesome´╗┐ tutorial, just what I needed!

  16. Alistair MacIntyre says:

    Great tutorial mate… only problem was it was a´╗┐ bit hard to see the connection lines (red ones) but apart from that i would give it 5*. But i cant cause of shitty youtube ­čśŤ

  17. sweety9785 says:

    praise the lord for every´╗┐ one god bless you all of you

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