After Effects 3D Camera Tracker Tutorial – 3D Integration VFX Part 3

After Effects  3D Camera Tracker Tutorial - 3D Integration VFX Part 3

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18 responses to “After Effects 3D Camera Tracker Tutorial – 3D Integration VFX Part 3”

  1. SirChristopHero says:

    Thanks a lot! :d

  2. SurfacedStudio says:

    Thank you! All of my intro sounds actually come from freesound(dot)org and are under the creative commons 0 license – so you’re free to use them for personal or commercial use :)

  3. SurfacedStudio says:

    Sorry, not sure I fully undestand what you are asking. You are entering a contest and want to know how difficult it is to use a 3D program? Both the rendering as well as the actual setting up of the scene can take a long time depending on how complex the objects are that you want to use 🙂 VFX companies usually use ‘render farms’ to speed up their rendering processes

  4. SirChristopHero says:

    I like these effects, but please can you make a tutorial video about, how to make these intro sounds etc. like, when the surfacedstudio appears 😀

  5. RealMassi says:

    I’m entering in that AMAZING vision of VFX and I wanted to know HOW much difficult is the work for 3d construction, is it automatic render in the 3d program itself or is it the TIME of manual work to render 🙂

  6. SurfacedStudio says:

    Hard to tell what the issue could be, it could just be the type of shot you have at hand. Have you tried a google search on the issue to see if other people are having the same issue? I haven’t seen that one before, I only know about the standard ‘no depth information’ available issue.

  7. TheElimin8r says:

    When i click track* camera

  8. TheElimin8r says:

    I moved it slow, every time i click camera it goes to step 2 then says “camera solving failed” and there are no track points just a red banner that says that? Please help

  9. SurfacedStudio says:

    You can try to remove track points in your scene that don’t track properly (select and delete them). Are you moving your camera extremely fast or not at all?

  10. TheElimin8r says:

    What if it says camera solving fIailed?

  11. LoneVisionary says:

    I have cs4, is there any free 3d camera trackers for Ae other than voodoo?

  12. Jack Jones says:

    i tried them and just didn’t work

  13. SurfacedStudio says:

    Hm, could be some antivirus or firewall blocking parts of AE’s functionality. I can’t paste links in here, but if you google ‘unable to obtain dynamiclink server’ there’s a couple of suggestions in the top 3 hits – you should try them out 🙂

  14. Jack Jones says:

    PLEASE HELP-every time i track my footage it just says “unable to obtain dynamiclink server” and i can’t track any!

  15. SurfacedStudio says:

    Glad to hear you got it sorted 🙂

  16. xDuffyPlays says:

    I’ve fixed it actually
    the problem was that in after fx I set the comp to 1280 x 720 when my actual video is 1920 x 1080
    The camera wasn’t correctly fixed to it so it wouldn’t work 😛

  17. SurfacedStudio says:

    Does it say why it failed? What’s in your video? Is the camera moving around very rapidly?

  18. xDuffyPlays says:

    Every time I use Camera Solve it keeps saying it Failed. I haven’t changed the size or position of my video. Please help.

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