Dreamweaver Tutorial: How To Create Rollover Buttons

Dreamweaver Tutorial: How To Create Rollover Buttons

How to create rollover buttons in Adobe Dreamweaver In this video tutorial I show you how to create rollover buttons in Adobe Dreamweaver. This is a simple p…
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13 responses to “Dreamweaver Tutorial: How To Create Rollover Buttons”

  1. Travis Chandler says:

    Mine wont work, i followed these instructions to the T and it refuses to work, yes I am uploading a different button for the rollover image

  2. CatastroficCat says:

    Hi Technologyguru77, I made two images but only the first image shows, do I have to save it in a special way (ie: anything other than a jpeg (they are currently jpegs))? Or, does the fact that I have a colour in the Rollover Links box within Links (CSS) on the Page Properties place on my dreamweaver page mean that it’s in conflict? I’m not sure I understand why the second image doesn’t show on roll-over. Any clues please? Thanks. Di

  3. Technologyguru77 says:

    Thank you for the positive feedback! Glad I could help.

  4. CatastroficCat says:

    Excellent! Very helpful, very clear and great to follow, thank you so much!! :0)

  5. Technologyguru77 says:

    Thanks for the positive feedback. Unfortunately I do not have a video on that, and the rollover does not work on mobile.

  6. Anthony Daou says:

    hey man great video. did you posted anything about changing the image on mouse clicking too (before going to a certain link) ? Does Roll over image work on mobile when touching? or i need another tutorial for image change on mouse clicking ?
    Thank you!

  7. Mar Turak says:

    Awesome explanation!!! So simple and clear! Thanks!! Yes, please continue making tutorials on Dreamweaver!!

  8. ankit sigdel says:

    its awesome man

  9. pedro zajdenwerg says:

    thx for the tutorial!!
    and awesome intro btw !

  10. Technologyguru77 says:

    You are welcome! I am glad I could help.

  11. mu kam says:

    SOOOOO helpful

    Thanks man, more tuts!

  12. Technologyguru77 says:

    Thanks for the positive feedback! I will definitely continue making videos!

  13. Kickspan says:

    Your a great teacher! Keep making tutorials on Dreamwever please.

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