Excel 2007 Tutorial 12: Intro to Formulas

Excel 2007 Tutorial 12: Intro to Formulas

Excel 2007 Tutorial 12: Intro to Formulas, Common operators including exponentiation, concatenation and logical comparisons. If conditions in formulas and co…
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19 responses to “Excel 2007 Tutorial 12: Intro to Formulas”

  1. Tam Duplechan says:

    Thanks Rick for all of your hard work, that seems easy to you, but hard for us!

  2. IndigoBlu35 says:

    Rick, thank you very much!!!! 🙂

  3. Selffung Selffung says:

    simple and useful, easy to understand

  4. Bob Ortem says:

    You just saved my life. Having a massive data economics essay to do using excel. Was doing all calculation by hand (how retarded! lol) and now my life is much easier

  5. DashingAsianGuy says:

    Thanks, now it’s clearer =D

  6. nt hu says:

    In this formula, commers are used to separate the two possible results… so you can say that… However, in general, commers in different formulas are use to separate values, range, criteria, reference, number, order and so on… Please note that all of them can be variable or not… depends on what you refer to the computer…

  7. nt hu says:

    The formula is =C6&” “&D6…..

  8. nt hu says:

    it is not that many formulas in this video… and they are basic… there are many formulas that are not introduced in this video like vlookup, countif, concatenate, sumif, average, etc…

  9. nt hu says:

    0.05 and 0.08 are just examples…

  10. DashingAsianGuy says:

    yikes math we meet again!! oh well where did you get the 0.05 and 0.08 that you multiplied to 75500? thanks!

  11. 10minutetrain . says:

    Hi. Thanks for watching. Unfortunately, I will not be making any Access 2007 Tutorials. I have Excel 2010 VBA on the TO DO list but my schedule has been extremely busy lately. Thanks.

  12. phatmoney58 says:

    Will you be doing also MS Access 2007 tutorial? Thanks a lot!

  13. LordLacerda says:

    thanks man…

  14. miauticu says:

    I noticed that you like cars. 🙂

  15. sch001b0y says:

    holy crap. so many formulas. I haven’t done any real math in years.

  16. darlenei2 says:

    will you be doing access 2007 ?

  17. GalaxyS21411 says:

    Perfect! Thank You… 🙂

  18. 10minutetrain . says:

    Yes. There are video’s for Word, Excel and Powerpoint posted on the main Youtube channel or go to 10 minute train website which has them all posted. Thanks!

  19. GalaxyS21411 says:

    Very helpful video, you presented it so clear and easy to understand. Do you have also MS Word and Powerpoint 2007 tutorial? Thanks a lot!

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