Photoshop Tutorial: Abstract Explosion

Photoshop Tutorial: Abstract Explosion

Here’s a 15 minute tutorial on how to create a geometric, abstract explosion or starburst. I used the same technique for the channels VideoGames and TheSyndi…

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19 responses to “Photoshop Tutorial: Abstract Explosion”

  1. SwixART says:

    I found by changing the burn tool setting´╗┐ from “Shadows” to “Midtones”, you get a much better result on the shadows. It gives the final result a more deeper feel. Great tutorial by the way ­čÖé

  2. Moayad ِAladdin says:

    thank u very very much ­čÖé

  3. MinecraftRelaxing says:

    what photoshop is that,ive´╗┐ got the latest one Photoshop CC

  4. Shattered4k says:

    He stupid.´╗┐ ­čśŤ

  5. SamuraiPipotchi says:

    No, but a larger canvas helps.
    That´╗┐ was you can change the canvas or image size after your done without worrying about passing boundaries.

  6. TheWispGamer says:

    If´╗┐ you are making a smaller image then i guess not but it’s most recommended.

  7. NORDBORD says:

    That’s awesome thanks so much´╗┐ bro!

  8. joegunby1 says:

    @AParonoidApple no it´╗┐ doesn’t, but it has to be close ish to that

  9. AParonoidApple says:

    Does it´╗┐ HAVE to be 2000×2000

  10. Andy Holmes says:

    What can i get´╗┐ the background?

  11. InterActiveVideos5 says:

    Take´╗┐ a look at my channel background – I have recreated it for my banner

  12. proGAM1nglegendHD says:

    check out my´╗┐ channel art i’ve done it for my banner ­čÖé

  13. FridgeWalaby says:

    From where´╗┐ do you take your inspiration?

  14. FridgeWalaby says:

    Now´╗┐ I found a Photoshop Hero. It feels like cheating in life…

  15. DemoncChivas says:

    looks so´╗┐ clean!

  16. kacey lebrun says:

    lol´╗┐ wut? are you crazy? go home you’re drunk

  17. 0monahan85 says:

    just wanted´╗┐ to use it as my desktop background you psycho fuck

  18. BJHEdits says:

    I love your logo! ­čÖü And the intro, who made it?´╗┐ :O

  19. Aidan Haigh says:

    click the gear on the preset box(top left where there´╗┐ is a line) in line tool, then click reset tool presets.

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