Fireworks CS5 Tutorial – Rollover Navigation Bar

Fireworks CS5 Tutorial - Rollover Navigation Bar

TWITTER: In this tutorial we will create up and down states for our rollover buttons, then we will export the buttons.

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19 responses to “Fireworks CS5 Tutorial – Rollover Navigation Bar”

  1. Kristian Iliev says:

    Thank you dude you are awesome

  2. Jonathan Orozco says:

    Neverrrminnnd :D Its at 5:03

  3. Jonathan Orozco says:

    Question… How would I link a button to make it go to another sub-page?

  4. Wilson Ujata says:

    imran@ this was very helpful

  5. baretings1 says:

    awesome tutorials mate, i really appreciate the effort you have put in. It is down to people like you that make the internet such a good place to learn.

  6. The Faubourg says:


  7. Felician Galgau says:

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  8. Kusay Moukaed says:

    thank you

  9. justroziin says:

    thanks my brothers 🙂

  10. marshall12345able says:

    can you use fireworks files in adobe dreamweaver cuz when i insert it in dreamweaver and open in google chrome the rollover button didnt have any effect but if i open it through fireworks it works. I have to create a website for my it coursework but not really sure which adobe its more easier to use. your reply will help me a lot mate

  11. Paul Greiner says:

    Way to fast and audio not clear. Try slowing down and cleaning up your presentation.

  12. Paul Greiner says:

    Way to fast and audio not clear. Try slowing down and cleaning up your presentation.

  13. hemophagecleric says:

    Hey. I followed your guidelines, but for some reason when I preview it, it just flickers both objects, off and on for some reason. Am I doing something wrong. Thanks for the help

  14. austinglove says:

    Thank you for sharing this tutorial. My only suggestion, would be to slow a bit down your instruction. As a new student to fireworks (and former educator ) it would be helpful to give pause to allow us slow ones to catch up to find things like the navigation in the common library or to find the be sure that we have the direct selection tool selected. Studies have proven that the average adult focus checks out periodically for about a minute given so many minutes of instruction.

  15. Adrian F T says:

    Its control c to copy and contro+alt+D to duplicate

  16. pleurotusp2 says:

    I had the same “problem” then i realized i had to create a new document . Then the common library items showed up.

  17. ImzTech says:

    It could be the version of Fireworks that you have. I used cs5 to make this video. Google it you may be able to download menus to the common library

  18. Live4Mods says:

    in the common libray i can’t fin menu

  19. ImzTech says:

    Search “Managing a site — Dreamweaver CS5 imztech” ( wwwDOTyoutubeDOTcom/watch?v=w2BosrC8Mw4 )this video will show you how to Managing a site. Put your exported navigation bar files into a folder and then put them into Dreamweaver

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