XHTML and CSS Tutorial – 22 – Border

XHTML and CSS Tutorial - 22 - Border

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17 responses to “XHTML and CSS Tutorial – 22 – Border”

  1. LordStarBlue says:

    Thanks for the tutorial, I had great use of it :]

  2. vladimir mihajlovic says:

    Bucky made website where says : “I LOVE BUCKY” and at 3:18 he says that it looks ugly…!?!?!?!?!? unusual of him..

  3. David Burian says:

    I do not need any coupon. I love you anyways. And your tutorials as well. 😀

  4. Ryan LaZur says:

    I actually thought this comment was pretty funny

  5. Ryan LaZur says:

    hahah coupons to love Bucky!! I want one!

  6. Ryan Klassy says:

    “And one more thing i wana teach ya before I let you guys go”

    Bucky you make me feel like im sitting in an actual classroom.

    May I go to the restroom?

  7. Mridul Ahmed says:

    Go back @ 0.08……….
    Bucky,You are awesome,Buddy.So funny.I’m laughing for few minute.

  8. Sintaxx2 says:

    I hope you’re trolling :S

  9. XxxChrisTheBestxxX says:


  10. David K says:

    yes, it was cool ::)))))

  11. MacTutorials10 says:

    22nd XHTML tutorial

  12. MrMoviem8 says:

    Ah no ! I thought it was a tutorial on how to cross the Mexican border 🙁

  13. nipuni malsara says:

    thank u

  14. bondfenix1000 says:

    way more control

  15. John Pellegrino Connors says:

    All these ads about services that promise an easy website for free make me question why i’m bothering to learn html at all

  16. Tim Vermeulen says:

    0:02 “20 second xhtml tutorial”? more like 4 minutes and 19 seconds…

  17. Rsmith224 says:

    I didn’t mean basic XHTML or CSS i mean’t like all his videos you know the Java, C#, and all of those!

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