After Effects Tutorial – Ep 39 Shape Layers + Repeater

After Effects Tutorial - Ep 39 Shape Layers + Repeater

Ep 39 Shape Layers + Repeater.
Video Tutorial Rating: 4 / 5

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15 responses to “After Effects Tutorial – Ep 39 Shape Layers + Repeater”

  1. Nada Robeen says:

    me 2!!!

  2. Aya Danielle Aranas says:

    same here… :D

  3. Angel Hernandez says:

    Que chistosa tu palabra “cabron” de donde yo vengo es ofensiva, pero gran tutorial

  4. Angel Hernandez says:

    Im so happy i speak spanish, english, french, a lil of portuguese and ASL. ;).

  5. Shah Qayyum says:

    spanish 🙁

  6. Chiara Giombetti says:

    It does not work to me, the stars just rotate on their-self. -.-

  7. Peter Shih says:


  8. GamingFolks says:

    What the fuck

  9. SchytexGraphics says:

    Espanol no es mi idioma principale. Solo lo aprendi hablando con gente del internet. Quiero ser que este tutorial me ayudaba mucho 🙂 Gracias 🙂 Ya estoy abonado a ti ahora 🙂 Lo siento por algo erores gramaticales. Adios~

  10. Ricardo George says:


  11. optimusPRIMEn1 says:

    grasias my friend

  12. DerTarchinPro says:

    True, I dind’t understand anything anyway, but I learned a bunch!

  13. Zakaria Ounis says:

    believe me guys but, i had no idea what he was saying but.., i did learn some tricks just by following his steps.

  14. NeiiHz says:


  15. ChilledMD says:


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