WordPress Tutorial – How to Add Posts and Pages in WordPress – WordPress Tutorial Video

Wordpress Tutorial - How to Add Posts and Pages in WordPress - WordPress Tutorial Video

http://www.honeyandthemoon.co.uk – Welcome to our WordPress tutorial. This video is a short WordPress tutorial on how you can make the most of your WordPress…
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8 responses to “WordPress Tutorial – How to Add Posts and Pages in WordPress – WordPress Tutorial Video”

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  6. BlogBoldly says:

    Video on how to do that from WP dashboard is on my Channel.

    If u don’t want to change admin but just want your name to show, add your name as a New User. When you’re on post/page you’re writing, you pick ur name as Author.

    If you don’t see place to select Author (under where you write your content) then:

    While you are in “Add New Page/Post” go to top & click drop down menu for “Screen Options. Click “Author” & option will show up under content box.

    ~ darlene 🙂

  7. 4hgames says:

    How did you get the “admin” to appear? I can’t get my name to post under my posts and I would like to since I am not the only one using my site.

  8. salvi1565 says:

    how to post on different pages on wordpress??for example blog post abt africa on africa page or abt eu on europe page???

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