3Ds Max Tutorial – 6 – Advanced Selections

3Ds Max Tutorial - 6 - Advanced Selections

How the pros use selections.
Video Tutorial Rating: 4 / 5

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19 responses to “3Ds Max Tutorial – 6 – Advanced Selections”

  1. jb robiso says:

    Bro thanks for this tutorial.. i learn a lot from you ^_^

  2. Ankit Gautam says:

    you rockzz :)

  3. VforVendimia says:

    Everyone’s already told you you’re AWESOME for making these AWESOME tutorials, but I really need to thank you for having the patience of explaining everything slowly, clearly and in detail. Thanks a lot, really. You’re helping lots of us amateur animators.

  4. joey icecream says:

    yeah i agree this guys sick at this really breaks it down cheers.

  5. Mega Ray says:

    a losers who couldn’t continue in 3d modeling and stuff

  6. luke mckeown says:

    thank you for helping me out with the tutorial im really keen on making new things

  7. batfan1939 says:

    He’s using 2010, but the newer versions look the same (I’m using 2014).

  8. jy0226 says:

    best tutorial channel ever

  9. Sadia Andleeb says:

    Great tutorial …. Its really helpful. Thanks 🙂

  10. zRIMSz says:

    Well, I acquired it… not necessarily with any financial spending…

    …If you know what i mean…

    … 🙂

  11. KoboChatProductions says:

    Most people would wait until after they know how to use a thousand dollar product before buying it, so it only makes sense most people here would try the student version first. You don’t just waste money like that before you even know if it’s the right program for you.

  12. Rodrigo Santos says:

    thanks by the knowledge!!!

  13. metemer001 says:

    did anyone here Actually purchase 3ds max btw?:D

  14. Vijay Senapathi says:

    And who are those stupid 12 who disliked this video?

  15. Jason Witt says:

    It wasn’t shit, don’t try shit.
    Gotta go get a new keyboard now.

  16. berkin k. says:

    Advanced ? R those things advanced? Come onn!!! Quite normal max selections… Thanks

  17. Samir Chandra Barma says:

    Tenku ! Tenku very much sir, I Wish i will overcome in 3D max Easly Becacuse of ur help !

  18. nuvaintereseaza says:

    me too

  19. Word Centered Productions says:

    Thanks so much for the simple and easy-to-follow instructions. I got a 1200 page book with a CD that I was struggling with.

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