Adobe Illustrator Tutorial – Pattern Basics

Adobe Illustrator Tutorial - Pattern Basics

VISIT US NOW – Graphic Designer Tips will teach you how to work with Patterns in Adobe Illustrator Creative Suite 3. Illus…

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10 responses to “Adobe Illustrator Tutorial – Pattern Basics”

    please support thanks

  2. MyWNotes says:

    That was very helpful!

  3. Crystal Henry says:

    It would be a bit messy but if you were to use expand and ungroup you could scale them without making a new pattern you would also be able to change color and everything else just need to turn them into objects.

  4. Alijoker says:

    There are a variety of global eye droppers (color pickers ) almost all of them free for PC, Mac, browsers, iphone, … They are very small apps that give you ability to pick colors from ANY where on the entire monitor (they can give u colors in RGB, HSL, CMYK, HTML, … formats)
    Google this article title for 25 of them! It’s from the website Hongkiat
    “Useful Eyedroppers (Color Pickers) For Designers — Best Of”

  5. stephanie O says:

    can i add a print i have on an image on my camera to the decorative patterns in adobe illustrator palette

  6. Josef Holmgren says:

    if u want to scale your pattern, is it not easier to just scale the pattern direct via object>transform>scale, rather than pulling out the pattern and scale it manually?

  7. Stephen Looney says:

    You Freaking Rock!!! Thank you!! 😛

  8. Stephen Looney says:

    You are very welcome!!

  9. blueblook says:

    what you could do, if you’re using windows, is use the snipping tool to grab what you want, paste the image in illustrator then sample the color.

  10. blueblook says:

    awesome tip on pattern manipulation. thanks man.

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