C# Multi-Threading Tutorial

C# Multi-Threading Tutorial

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10 responses to “C# Multi-Threading Tutorial”

  1. Garrett Colas says:

    Keep in mind things like hyper-threading simulate multiple cores. So an i3 processor only has 2 physical cores, but can hyper-thread on each to effectively have 4 cores.

  2. Garrett Colas says:

    Come on man, you can’t just say programming for the console is worthless. It’s very important for business/enterprise applications.

  3. JOHNDATGOONV2 says:

    Thanks so much

  4. kernelle4 says:

    thank you, you have earned a new sub

  5. DredricOne says:

    That is true. however I try to keep my explanations simple. but thanks for the clarity.

  6. Karl Longen says:

    In your application you want to create global variables; then you assign the values from your threads to them, and can pass them to other threads.

    Altho this opens the whole can of worms related to data integrity and consistency…unless you don’t care what is fed to your threads.

  7. Karl Longen says:

    Nice video, altho keep in mind that 100 threads does not make it 100 times faster; it depends from how many core your CPU has.

    so for example, if you have 2 core, you can run 2 threads simultaneously, while the others are queued in the interrupts of the cpu. in fact you run them serially, not in parallel. 100 threads on 2 core will run 50 thr per core; you still go 2x as fast than running on single thread, but as you can see, all depends from the number of core of a CPU.

    Thanks for the video

  8. Prog zia says:


  9. fntasticHijack says:

    Ive tried to test my game, but when the computer thinks for a solution, my game was frozen. Can multi threads solve the problem? or you have another solution for that?

  10. saurabh sashank says:

    This is great stuff dear……

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