3Ds Max Tutorial – 8 – Cloning and Arrays

3Ds Max Tutorial - 8 - Cloning and Arrays

Learn about cloning, not the kind we do to sheep, sorry.
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24 responses to “3Ds Max Tutorial – 8 – Cloning and Arrays”

  1. Namrata Panjre says:

    Thanx A Ton!!!! 😀

  2. Lara Ryder says:

    I’m glad that I started using this with your tutorials

  3. Jordan Malloy says:


  4. Soda Sullivan says:

    :35 That’s what he said 🙂

  5. Mega Ray says:

    lol, poor they’re

  6. Rupesh vede says:

    Yes I’ve already subscribe…Thank U so much for making max easier for

  7. namita pawan says:

    i m not able to use clone command. please help.

  8. zai1ld says:

    Thank you!

  9. Animeman2k9 says:

    try pressing shift and move the object at the same time

  10. inchalangble says:

    great work thnx for it ^^

  11. skylight102 says:

    3:03 you said prick =D but great tutorials, actually enjoying learning? wtf
    is wrong with me…

  12. Ionut Tutui says:

    you are so right! it makes the program very easy. thank you very much
    Thenewboston! Stay that way for ever!

  13. Megaddd says:

    Array = instant stacker tool

  14. AnotherPie says:

    tools,tools,tools 😀 lets so funny

  15. Omar Jesus says:

    Cuz he talks bout “Arrays” lmao

  16. 200cyprian says:

    isnt cloning the same as dublicating?right click on the box in the left bar
    modify panel then dublicate

  17. xavierx93 says:

    How do u make an array Around a circle instead of straight path..like if i
    wanna create pillars around a circle

  18. darkness5593 says:

    thanks for all your Tutorials 😀 your awesome 😀

  19. misWoodCock says:

    1 Douche!

  20. cowboybeepbop1 says:

    when your in array options make sure to click copy if you want to modify
    the objects individually

  21. 00ScorpionWarrior says:

    im learning so much ! thank you man … i think i will be a pro soon !!!

  22. Dizzlingx says:

    One chinese man. LOL idk.

  23. Lucian Butuc says:

    great bro..cheers m8

  24. koeipope says:

    wow… you saved my family.

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